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The CPA is the South African trade association of production companies that produce television, cinema and internet commercials for the local and international market.
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Bobby AmmWhy and how to protect the local film and advertising industry 12 Dec 2017 Read more

Bobby AmmThe issue of transparency has been a prickly subject in commercial production for a while now, with the US Department of Justice launching an investigation into agency bid-rigging in 2016. But transparency in commercial production remains a local issue as well. 20 Oct 2017 Read more

Bobby AmmAn ad agency's in-house production company (IHPC) can be a tempting choice when looking for a commercial producer. With the ‘lower costs' and the convenience of a single supplier, most business people would consider it, especially when production costs are so high for low-end work. On closer inspection, though, the Commercial Producers Association has found that any benefit of engaging the services of an IHPC on mid-to-high-end projects is short-lived. 13 Sep 2017 Read more

The truth about cats and dogs (in the film industry)CPA insights into the new Performing Animals Protection Amendment Act 6 Sep 2017 Read more

The commercial industry: Built on the backs of production companiesYou don't hire a dentist to do brain surgery. You hire a qualified, accomplished, and trustworthy neurosurgeon who can carry out meticulous craniotomies while brushing their teeth. 18 Aug 2017 Read more

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