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City of Johannesburg delivers on creating permanent employment for unemployed graduates in the ICT sectorThe City of Johannesburg hosted its first graduation ceremony on Wednesday, 9 November 2016, at 11am at the Johannesburg City Hall for its ICT youth initiative, the City of Johannesburg Educating Digital Interns (C.O.J.E.D.I) programme. The ceremony will celebrate and honour 412 young graduates from across 4 areas of speciality: Cisco Certified System Engineering, Microsoft Certified System Engineering, Certified Fibre Optics Technician and Web Development & Cloud Computing. 9 Nov 2016 Read More++
Jozi's 2020 smart city will include Africa's 'Silicon Valley'20 young interns selected to go to Hong Kong 25 Aug 2016 Read More++
The 21st century world of work has changed immensely. New sectors and economies have immerged creating routes for alternative opportunities for skills development of the youth of South Africa. Offering the youth new perspective around what employable careers they can start going into thus empowering them and making them employable for 21st century industries. 20 Jan 2016 Read More++
The City of Johannesburg has launched a programme to educate Digital Interns in innovative modern age skills as part of the foundation phase of developing the Johannesburg smart city plan. The C.O.J.E.D.I (City of Johannesburg Educating Digital Interns) programme focuses on driving innovation and entrepreneurship through critical thinking, preparing students for employment and empowering them to significantly participate in the mainstream of the ICT sector and the burgeoning economy. 17 Sep 2015 Read More++