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Request for sponsorship

My name is Mpho Montsho from Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng and Im 16 years old. I have a passion for motivating and preaching to those younger and older than me. So as a result next year I will be hosting a motivational sermon at the college where we are expecting 600 students who will be invited to attend the sermon. I have Been preaching since 13 years old to an audience of 150-200 people. However I want to increase the scale of my project as I've become more passionate about the field. 13 Nov 2015

Klein Klippie Creche

Klein Klippie Creche is a private small school, 1 year Nov 2015. We urgently need a combi to travel children to school. Financial Institutions not interested to finance us because its a new business. If there is anyone who is prepared to sponsor us we will be grateful! 10 Nov 2015

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