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#Influencerchange: Think like an influencer

"You can't predict anyone's work load for the day, we pad out our budgets to avoid hiccups down the line and deadlines are just crazy." This description, which would fit almost any business today, was part of a fictional scenario set-up in the recent HumanEdge Influencer change workshop and which had attendees nodding their heads in agreement.

By Leigh Andrews 3 days ago

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#Influencerchange: Crucial moments and vital behaviours

The majority of businesses today would say they're customer-centric, or at least that 'the customer comes first'. But HumanEdge's Influencer: Power to change workshop warns that many of us forget the most important customers of all - our own employees, who can quickly identify a flaw in our processes before it snowballs through a bad customer experience.

By Leigh Andrews 5 Dec 2016