Porto do Caio, Angola's new deepwater port
Angola's investment in non-oil sectors is starting to pay off

With forecasts of rising commodity prices, investors must now bear in mind that we are moving towards a sellers' rather than buyers' market. A shift that signals good news for many of Africa's national economies, including Angola.

By Miguel Damião Gago 3 hours ago

#FreshConnections: The realities of trading in Africa
#FreshConnections: The realities of trading in Africa

It's often agreed that the trickiest part of the supply chain is not the sourcing, but getting the product to the consumer. And if you're planning to extend your supply network into a Third World continent like Africa, you should know that logistical issues tend to rise in complexity.

By Lauren Hartzenberg 3 days ago

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Nairobi sees 22% boost in domestic air travel capacity

Nairobi is the only city in Africa whose airports are recording higher growth for domestic capacity than that of international capacity, with a 22% boost. This is according to a new report by ForwardKeys, which compares Nairobi's trend to most of the other top 10 African airports ranked by total scheduled capacity for August to December 2017, which are seeing more growth in international than in domestic capacity.

By Josephine Wawira 3 days ago

Africa's travel market experiencing healthy growth, Lagos falls short
Africa's travel market experiencing healthy growth, Lagos falls short

According to an analysis conducted by ForwardKeys, Lagos has seen a substantial decline in both its domestic and international capacity. It's estimated that between August and December 2017, Lagos will have 16% fewer airline seats on domestic routes and 9% fewer on international routes, in part, as a result of Arik Air cutting 53% of its seats.

16 Aug 2017

Three ways to improve commercial shipping's environmental footprint
Three ways to improve commercial shipping's environmental footprint

Do you wear runners, drink coffee or own a mobile phone? The chances are that these products cruised to you on a ship. In 2015, the global merchant fleet carried a record 10 billion tonnes of cargo, a 2.1% increase from the previous year.

By Martina Doblin 16 Aug 2017

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African airlines fly high with cargo on the back of a strong economy

African airlines have registered the fastest growth in freight volumes in seven years in the first half of this year, buoyed by strong trade lines between the continent and Asia.

By Allan Olingo 15 Aug 2017

Uber's main rival buys stake in Taxify
Uber's main rival buys stake in Taxify

Taxi hailing firm Didi has partnered with Uber's main rival, Taxify, to expand its presence in Africa. Taxify, which launched in Nairobi last year, is banking on the Chinese giant's technical expertise to tackle Uber, which has a footprint in a number of African cities.

By Allan Olingo 14 Aug 2017

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Durban Cruise Terminal could be just what the African cruise industry needs

While Africa is becoming increasingly attractive for foreign investors, the cruise ship industry mostly passes the continent by. The opening of the new Durban Cruise Terminal, hopefully in 2019, is set to change this.

14 Aug 2017