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Caca Ani
Caca Ani
SchoolMedia and adidas roll out soccer goal initiative
thank you for sharing , happy once felt reading in this blog, so more insight .. hopefully always given the health and success always ..
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Posted on 4 Jul 2015 10:53
Hennie Randolph
Hennie Randolph
When does a blogger become an influencer?
hey kerry

nice article about your DAUGHTER’S popular blogger friends.
maybe you should’ve disclosed that up front. or have ethics completely abandoned you?

speaking of abandoned ethics: how about highlighting this new culture of pr people who attend events for companies that compete with their clients. no names mentioned, but it doesn’t take a genius to see who the pr were at a recent event for a certain tech company, while representing a prominent, competing brand. how does this serve the launch product at all? how does this ‘influencer’ have any credibility among their readers?

it seems there’s a new culture of event whores: people who want to be seen at the right events with the right people. how sad their social lives must be if they don’t have friends to hang out with and instead rely on product launches to get their socialising kicks.

there they are, posting selfies and uninformed tweets with hashtags. “wow, great coverage! so influential! lots of reach!” say the marketing/PR people. but they’ve forgotten the whole point: raising awareness and sharing information about the product/service being launched.

what is the point of saying popular people were at our event, when nobody knows what the event was for, but that they didn’t serve lactose free or gluten-free hors d'oeuvres?

hashtags and selfies and tweets about food - what use are these to the AUDIENCE?

and then there’s the fact that these idiot blogfuential socialites are denying opportunities to those who make a living from covering developments in the industries (well let’s be blunt: this problem mainly afflicts the tech industry events).

hardworking people who’ve dedicated their craft and platforms to serving an audience and informing them - these are the people who should be at events. the ones who are willing to sit through powerpoint presentations. the ones who will go to meetings. the ones who will write about even the boring annual results.

when the people you’re espousing in this article are willing to live up to that, they’ll have my respect, and the respect of a growing number of people who are fed up with freeloaders.

until then, this article is worthless.
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 13:56
Jessie Jensen
Winners of the African EduWeek Awards announced
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Posted on 3 Jul 2015 13:43
Lehlohonolo Ramphalile
Lehlohonolo Ramphalile
DKNY's Donna Karan steps down
I love DKNY wear man!
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 10:31
gener mcmillan
Movicel and Facebook launch free internet service
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Posted on 3 Jul 2015 08:46
Eric Bosloor
Eric Bosloor
Rigid substrate printing with the new HP Scitex FB750 printer from Midcomp South Africa
HP has been delivering printing solutions for a while now, from businesses to home. It came into more prominence when HP got into the consumer market for personal use. Almost every home that I know owns at least a unit of HP printer for personal or home use. But still, HP also doesn’t neglect the larger market – commercial.
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 08:21
Eric Bosloor
Eric Bosloor
Africa Progress Panel report: Africa's leaders need to start an energy revolution
There is so much for Africa to be energy-efficient. Come to think of it, they have the energy resources to provide different forms of solutions! But there is a lot of things to be done to provide a better storage and distribution process, and with the current situation of the country – bureaucracy, etc, it is going to be a real challenge. However, I still have faith!
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 08:05
Thomas Maloney
Thomas Maloney
Media converters an excellent way to bridge the fibre gap
If the solution to getting faster internet speeds was as simple as getting a media convertor unit, I'm truly surprised that more people haven't done that already!
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 07:41
Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
Building a world-class team with Moving Tactics
It's an excellent job that there is so much movement in the company here! I'm anticipating removal of lag and stigma in the company especially with all the new blood joining in! Looking forward to seeing what new things are going to come out of Moving Tactics!
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 07:04
Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
Dermalogica employs Moving Tactics for new concept store roll-out
I have friends that rave about some of the Dermalogica products and how the removal of blackheads is so easy after product is applied. If the product works, that's all you really need sometimes!
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 06:30
Mark Sindone
Mark Sindone
PAMRO 2015 Conference: Setting standards in advertising and media research
This is an interesting solution to the marketing and research that's going on in South Africa. I'm really looking forward to the conference and to see the improvements in these business units!
Posted on 3 Jul 2015 05:36
Tshepo Sebooa
Tshepo Sebooa
Ideas are like goldfish... easy to kill
Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!! As a marketer I always told myself that having fun and making the best of every idea has to be my foundation. Yes, you get ideas which are stupid at times and you like "what was that", but that is the beauty of it, one idea comes from another. As you mentioned "They are the doorway to greatness". Point is, have fun, be stupid and have more fun!
Posted on 2 Jul 2015 15:56
Digital Dabble
Freelancers: here's how to get paid
We love this article. Check out our blog post on Freelancing as a South African Designer It has some handy tips, a bit of humour and suggested rates. Thanks again for the awesome content!
Posted on 2 Jul 2015 11:46
Robert Johnes
Robert Johnes
How to be a Freelance Writer
To become a freelance writer, first of all you need to know whether you have a good talent in writing or not. The writers especially need creativity. Do you have creativity? Professionalism is another factor. The way you choose to present your thoughts must be professional. Are you confident? If you are confident about yourself, then please carry on. I am a content writer at , now it is few years that I am working as a content writer for varieties of websites.
Posted on 2 Jul 2015 08:27
Geordie Pilkington
Children also suffer from mental health problems, often unnoticed
thanks for this article. I would just like to mention that CBT is not always the only treatment option. somehow the psychiatric discourse is fixated on this modality. talking cures including play therapy; depth psychotherapy and narrative therapy are as effective according to all available research stats globally.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 09:59
Mel Brandle
Mel Brandle
Tajikistan ends Facebook block prompted by IS defector
It's quite scary to think that there are such fierce restrictions to social media in other countries when we are so liberal with the internet in our own. It's like the people are being kept in storage hidden away and not allowed access to anything else! What they really need is a good solution to make sure that they can understand that people are pretty capable of censoring themselves!
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 08:32
Mel Brandle
Mel Brandle
Dumping of condoms may flaw distribution numbers says DA
What a huge waste! Every one unit of a condom can provide a good contraceptive solution.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 08:20
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