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Tshepo Sebooa
Tshepo Sebooa
Ideas are like goldfish... easy to kill
Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!! As a marketer I always told myself that having fun and making the best of every idea has to be my foundation. Yes, you get ideas which are stupid at times and you like "what was that", but that is the beauty of it, one idea comes from another. As you mentioned "They are the doorway to greatness". Point is, have fun, be stupid and have more fun!
Posted on 2 Jul 2015 15:56
Digital Dabble
Freelancers: here's how to get paid
We love this article. Check out our blog post on Freelancing as a South African Designer It has some handy tips, a bit of humour and suggested rates. Thanks again for the awesome content!
Posted on 2 Jul 2015 11:46
Robert Johnes
Robert Johnes
How to be a Freelance Writer
To become a freelance writer, first of all you need to know whether you have a good talent in writing or not. The writers especially need creativity. Do you have creativity? Professionalism is another factor. The way you choose to present your thoughts must be professional. Are you confident? If you are confident about yourself, then please carry on. I am a content writer at , now it is few years that I am working as a content writer for varieties of websites.
Posted on 2 Jul 2015 08:27
Geordie Pilkington
Children also suffer from mental health problems, often unnoticed
thanks for this article. I would just like to mention that CBT is not always the only treatment option. somehow the psychiatric discourse is fixated on this modality. talking cures including play therapy; depth psychotherapy and narrative therapy are as effective according to all available research stats globally.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 09:59
Mel Brandle
Mel Brandle
Tajikistan ends Facebook block prompted by IS defector
It's quite scary to think that there are such fierce restrictions to social media in other countries when we are so liberal with the internet in our own. It's like the people are being kept in storage hidden away and not allowed access to anything else! What they really need is a good solution to make sure that they can understand that people are pretty capable of censoring themselves!
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 08:32
Mel Brandle
Mel Brandle
Dumping of condoms may flaw distribution numbers says DA
What a huge waste! Every one unit of a condom can provide a good contraceptive solution.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 08:20
Michael Maloney
Michael Maloney
Sanef meets ANC over Daily Dispatch 'document'
These mis-understandings could really get things complicated and not provide any viable solution. Any unit involved will have miscommunications, and makes matters worse. Solutions to such will take time.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 06:18
Michael Maloney
Michael Maloney
SA minor child no longer grounds for permanent residency
Permanent residency of one of the foreign parents in South Africa has always been a tricky issue. In this issue, the family unit is not of mere importance to the government. That is why a lot of immigration and relocation happen. Solutions to this issue are very hard to find, which I think the issue will linger for a long time.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 05:25
Cameron Robertson
Cameron Robertson
A 'mobile-first' ethos: the catalyst for business transformation
Technology has proven to provide us with endless benefits in terms of personal or commercial solutions. There are many ways to fully utilize it toward our advantage and one of them is to go mobile in order to provide access to users regardless of their location. Mobile is often associated with data storage so that users can retrieve files anywhere and at anytime.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 05:02
Cameron Robertson
Cameron Robertson
A brand on a journey
Commercials are often produced in order to convey across to viewers a very powerful message that can be easily comprehended. This is done not only for large businesses, but any enterprise in general. However, it is usually for developing enterprises which are progressing onward regardless of industry, be it retail, service, storage solutions or more.
Posted on 1 Jul 2015 04:51
Dos santos Hipetekwa
Marikana tragedy must be understood against backdrop of structural violence in SA
We real confused for what happened at Marikana , force in force ,is not solution to the problem, if you understanding human right and quality of human life,blind can,t lead another blind ,Police don,t put order with guns ,you are not soldier ,Management best way to avoid strike is to know your employees ,relationship with their business and relationship to the company ,the more we understand them the closer we get to achieves ,employees before your strike inform your station commander .
Posted on 30 Jun 2015 16:09
Xoliswa Ngoqo
Nunu Ntshingila to head up Facebook's first African office
Nunu Ntshingila continues to soar - looking forward to hearing more about you in your new role. Love hearing about you - Inspiring.
Posted on 30 Jun 2015 14:54
Camille Mortiat
Camille Mortiat
[TrendTalk] Cannes, sex and Donald Trump
LOL, so D. Trump style actually... I wonder how could people vote for him for the next presidential election in USA tho ..
Posted on 30 Jun 2015 09:06
Camille Mortiat
Camille Mortiat
Shattering the glass ceiling with Glass Lions and more
Thanks for sharing that great interview
Posted on 30 Jun 2015 09:04
Ivone de Figueiredo
MTN gives tips on reducing the cost of roaming when abroad
@Veronica Mars: I read your comment about the Travelsim Card, which do you use, does it offer data and will it work in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique?
Posted on 29 Jun 2015 20:27
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