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Derick Poremba-Brumer
Derick Poremba-Brumer
Cognitive behavioural therapy effective where antidepressants have failed
I'm sure that CBT and case-specific medical treatment is the route to go to help people suffering from depression AND other ailments as well.

I'm not just saying that. I was involved in a severe motorbike accident in my matric-year (1986) that left me in a coma for 7-months. F.y.i. any coma that lasts longer than an hour is classified as “serious”. Since then, I’ve achieved my matric (albeit over 4 years), University qualifications (x4), released a motivational CD “5%” (because that’s the chance I was given to survive the first night I spent in ICU) and I have been delivering inspirational speeches since 2004 because I know that anybody can do anything “…if they can give it some meaning” - Dr^56 Viktor Frankl. I’m sure that Madiba also falls into this category. I’m also sure that if ‘new victims ‘knew more’ of other living people who’ve done amazing things … they might be inspired to their own amazing thing in their own life. Then we’d live in a world worth living in!


Derick Poremba-Brumer B.A. (U.P), Further Diploma in Education – Severe Disabilities (U.P.), Trauma Counselling (INTEC), Logotherapy Advanced - NQF level 7 DISTINCTION (UNISA - Centre for Applied Psychology) (a Doctorate is NQF level 8)

Even if I say so myself: not bad for a guy who nearly died in 1986!

As far as I know, there isn’t another person – worldwide – who had a severe accident in their final year at secondary school … who went on to achieve 4 tertiary qualifications!

Take a look at (Viktor Frankl Institute – SA) for more information about the course. If you go to that page, look under Logotherapists. , or go to “Stroke Support Group” on Facebook

See “aphasia & tbi group” on Facebook for the group at the University of Pretoria

Look for my name on Facebook under ‘Inspirational speakers’
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 17:12
Surike Viviers
Team #BullsEye wins Red Bull Flugtag
What an awesome day! Find yourself in this amazing 360 image of Flugtag on Sunday
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 14:54
Thabile Phiri
Know what makes your brand succeed - or not
Brilliant article, very informative and I truly enjoyed reading it.
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 14:12
Teresa Coertzen
Gondwana Game Reserve welcomes wild lion cubs
This is Wonderful News!! This means that the Animals at Gondwana is Happy and Healthy!! Congrats to you all!! I know of one of my Best Animal Friends, who will be joinging your happy & healthy Animals there at Gondwana!! She is currentl;y still in Bloemfontein Zoo. My Friend called Thandorra. I would love to speak to the MD or CEO about this. PLEASE contact me.
Kind Regards,
Teresa Coertzen: 072 373 3595
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 13:23
Matthew Gibbon
Matthew Gibbon
Senior Graphic Designer - where to from here?
Start your own business...Long, Hard with a bit of suffering but worth every step. Never give up and never look at the negative.
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 07:07
Theo Zaid
Theo Zaid
Team #BullsEye wins Red Bull Flugtag
My favourite was team Angry Birds show. Was an awesome event
Posted on 11 Dec 2012 03:55
Dhasagan Pillay
Dhasagan Pillay
I hasten to mention that anybody who is anybody, knows they're not as special as Nonhle. If you don't who she is and why she is notorious - you need to spend more time on Twitter taking cogniscance of what South Africans - you know people with brown, yellow, pink and tattooed skins read on the screens of their smartphones.

That said though - I think it could have ended with her mouth full.
Posted on 10 Dec 2012 17:42
Ann Druce
Ann Druce
The art of understanding your customer
Thanks Zibusiso. I love your reference to food companies’ recipe books. Another example is 4x4 marketers offering off-road driving courses. Content marketing is the new buzz word, but it is a tried and trusted form of marketing.

But for many, a stumbling block may be the need to engage rather than sell. To go back to your example of Copyblogger: their blog gives advice on writing blogs. But they sell software, not writing services. Since it is content marketing software there is a clear strategy, but it’s not hard sell.

There is huge potential for companies that make good use of content marketing, but we need to get over the outdated view that blogs are just random ramblings and recognise their role in an integrated marketing plan.
Posted on 10 Dec 2012 16:20
Matthew Gibbon
Matthew Gibbon
Archiving / Backup of Design/Video work
I personally have 10 external Hard drives.One 2TB external dedicated to this using Timemachine, with another dedicated to backing up just my works folder, I use Intego Backup pro a simple and easy app to use. Another way i also backup is once backed up onto drive mack a DVD as well but i use Disctracker to find my work. This is easy and effective to the point i can track my work to 1990..
Posted on 10 Dec 2012 14:36
Paul Gioio
Paul Gioio
New Android app for SA's schools
Is the app available on the Google Play store?
Posted on 10 Dec 2012 11:12
Rod Baker
ICASA investigates allegations: Blacklisting of political journalists on Metro FM
Thank you. We are feeling suitably contrite.
Posted on 10 Dec 2012 05:37
Raymond Akpan
Raymond Akpan
Write a book: Change your place in the universe
I love this. I can't let another December catch me without a book.
Posted on 9 Dec 2012 19:01
Phehello Mofokeng
Write a book: Change your place in the universe
Send it to me - or

Phehello Mofoekng
Posted on 9 Dec 2012 09:52
terry kurt
Get connected with Oakley shades
Oakley sunglasses is now getting more digital.
Posted on 8 Dec 2012 15:47
terry kurt
Eye care and the cyclist
I am a newbie triathlete and I am always using Oakley sport wear sunglasses. This gives me comfortable vision.
Posted on 8 Dec 2012 15:29
Shaun Lindbergh
Shaun Lindbergh
Very cool, Mr Bigg! Definitely a winner. I am sold.
Think Big, don't be shy! Change the world.
Posted on 8 Dec 2012 13:40
Shaun Lindbergh
Shaun Lindbergh
Utter rubbish, maybe the chicken has gone downhill too :(
Posted on 8 Dec 2012 13:35
Phemelo Molefe
Write a book: Change your place in the universe
Thank you Douglas, this is a great read and great advice.
Posted on 7 Dec 2012 13:46
Tracey McDonald
Tracey McDonald
Write a book: Change your place in the universe
And for anyone who has written a book, or is busy writing a book, and doesn't know what to do next, they can attend the seminar being run in Feb 2013 - 'The Suitcase Under the Bed - Practical Advice about Publishing'. Details available here:
Posted on 7 Dec 2012 13:42
emem ekanem
emem ekanem
I Don't Work On Sundays
Sunday is for worshipers of the one in the Kingdom, i don't have
work on Sunday,ok
Posted on 7 Dec 2012 13:40
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