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Retail Store Manager

Remuneration:Market related 
Job level:Management Jnr-Mid
Company:CUM Books

Job description

General responsibilities include:
  • The store manager will, at all times, aim to achieve the mission and vision of CUM Books and adhere to the values of CUM Books.
  • The store manager will ensure that he/she and the team adheres to the dress code, as outlined in the operations manual.
 The store manager takes full responsibility for the general functioning of the store.

This includes:

  • Responsible for the proper management of staff :
  • Ensure that all staff are properly trained; all duties are correctly performed and evaluated.
  • Staff annual achievement and appraisal. Responsible for the training and motivation of permanent and casual staff. Responsible for developing staff and creating a strong team who work in support of each other.
  • Report about the progress and achievements of staff.
  • Reports about the problems, concerns, or under-achievement of staff.
  • All disciplinary procedures should first be discussed with the SSM of the store.
  • Personnel files in place.
  • Planning of leave and making sure that overtime in lieu of overtime payment, as per allowed limit.
  • New appointments need to be trained and all HR requirements to be timeously completed.
  • Making sure that all staff adhere to the SOP and vision of the company.
  • Responsible for the general meetings of staff members, which must take place at the expected intervals.
 Stock :
  • Responsible for general security in the store.
  • Responsible for maintaining the various Departments in the store.
  • Responsible for managing the store’s One Pager.
  • Responsible for the receiving and partial ordering of stock.
  • Ensuring that the damaged stock is dealt with in conjunction with the SSM.
  • Ensuring that the short supplied/over supplied stock is checked and has been reported within the allowed time frame.
  • Ensuring that stock is always neat and in order.
  • Responsible for keeping the displays and window displays sensible and in line with the Merchandising Plan.
  • Responsible for maintaining stock levels and communicating with the relevant Product Departments.
  • Aim to develop and maintain product knowledge.
  • Responsible for following up backorders with specific focus on New Releases, customer orders, and replenishment stock.
  • Ensuring that stock is received, invoices are checked, and credit procedures are followed.
  • Responsible for identifying dead stock and reporting this to the relevant Product Departments.
  • Ensure that the best sellers are maintained at all times and communication regarding this is sent to head office.
  • Check IBT In and Out Report (in transit stock) and make sure the stock has been received. Follow up where needed.
  • The physical SOH must be accurate and correlate with the SOH on Active Retail.
  • Responsible for checking the adjustments – only with the approval of the SSM or by instruction from Head Office.
  • Ensure that the NEG SOH is under the allowed limit.
  • Ensure that the all the merchandising in the store is correct according to the Merchandising Plan.
  • Responsible for stock take and stock control.
  • Responsible for following the correct procedures with regards to theft instore.
  • Ensuring that the store remains within the allowed maximum of 2% stock loss target for the year.
  • Responsible for the correct pricing of all stock in correlation with Management Report 9.
 Administration :
  • G4S Collections :
  • Ensuring that G4S collections (where applicable) occur on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that all procedures are correctly followed with regards to G4S collections.
  • Ensuring that the bank deposit slips are collected from G4S for recon purposes.
  • Ensuring that all till shortages/over are reported to HR as per SOP.
  • Making sure staff working on POS, are capable of doing so.
  • Responsible for depositing cash and cheques into the correct bank account on a daily basis.
  • Responsible for all keys of the store and making sure they are kept in the correct places. This includes store keys, counter safe keys, back door keys, office keys, and petty cash keys.
  • Responsible for keeping relevant expenses within the budget.
  • Ensuring that casual staff only work 27 hours or less per week, as per their contract.
  • Ensuring that the email, Internet and Wi-Fi facilities are only used for business purposes only.
  • Ensure that the Colporteur accounts are reconciled, followed up and managed.
  • It is the responsibility of the Manager to ensure that the SSM is well informed, at all times, and relevant information concerning the store is timeously shared with them. Regular feedback is essential.
  • Responsible for timeous planning with regard to the operation of the store, i.e. Staff roster, overtime/off time rosters, casual roster.
  • Ensure that stationery is ordered on the applicable dates.
  • Ensuring that all feedback and reports required by Head Office, are completed in time and correctly. This includes 10% Allowance registers, casual wages, petty cash recon and overtime/off time registers.
  • Responsible for all cash-ups and making sure the correct monies are sent to Head Office within the allowed time frame.
  • Feedback to the SSM on a weekly basis, as per the expected reports and ensuring that the assistant manager is capable of giving the same feedback.
  • Ensure that all management reports are actioned daily.
 Customer service and actual sales:
  • Ensuring that all staff purchases are completed as according to the SOP.
  • Responsible for the general security in the store.
  • Will ensure that excellent customer service is provided at all times, including having the Greeter in front of the store and a cashier behind POS.
  • The Store Manager is responsible for the monthly, weekly and daily sales budget.
  • Be informed of all the promotions in the Shopping Centre, as well as available promotion areas.
  • Liaise with churches, schools, tertiary institutions, and relevant organizations.
  • Ensure that official promotions are adhered to.
  • Communication with the Marketing Department to ensure all possible areas of Marketing is covered within the Shopping Centre and beyond.
  • Growing the store’s database and promoting the Blessings 4U Member cards.
  Housekeeping :
  • Responsible for general neatness and cleanliness of the entire store.
  • Ensuring that all store assets and equipment are well looked after and in working condition.
  • Ensuring that all Price Exceptions are kept to the minimum and below the allowed limit.


The CUM books store manager is expected to fulfil a range of functions and possess the following characteristics.

Brand personality:

As a store manager, the CUM books store manager must possess the following characteristics:
  • Kind (loyal, unprejudiced, peaceful, comforting)
  • Virtuous (open minded, reliable, consistent, ethical)
  • Authentic (humble, approachable, quietly confident, established)
  • Refreshing (can do, optimistic, uplifting, relevant)


Inspires a shared vision: To be able to share the vision of the company to the employees of the company. Good leaders also help others to experience the vision.

Good communicator: To be able to clearly communicate goals, responsibility, performance, expectations, and feedback.

Integrity: Good leaders demand commitment to, and demonstration of, ethical practices.

Enthusiasm: Leadership emerges as someone expresses such confident commitment to a project, that others want to share his or her optimistic expectations.

Empathy: Managers should have the ability to place themselves in another person’s position.

Competence: The ability to challenge, inspire, enable, model, and encourage, must be demonstrated if leaders are to be seen as capable and competent.

Ability to delegate tasks: Managers who cannot delegate will fail as Leaders. They will become Micro Managers and end up doing all the work themselves.

Cool under pressure: When leaders encounter stressful events, they consider it interesting, they feel they can influence the outcome, and see it as an opportunity.

Team-building skills: A team builder is best defined as a strong person who provides the substance that holds the team together, in common purpose, working toward the right objective.

Problem-solving skills: They have a fresh creative response to the here-and-now opportunities and is not concerned with how others have performed before them.

Posted on 10 Oct 15:16

Christian Art Distributors

CUM Books has become a much-loved and popular name in South African homes for many years. This chain of Christian family bookshops began when six NG Kerk-boekhandel shops were bought.

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