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pedro donpedro
[Marketing & Media] hello am new here
Posted 1 year ago | Like
Yasir Ayub
[Marketing & Media] Searching a Good Media Production and Tv channels in South Africa......
Posted 1 year ago | Like
Wayne Levine
[Marketing & Media] NXT\ Digital Innovation is running an Extreme Digital Makeover Competition worth R200, 000.00. Enter your brand if you think you need a digital makeover
Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Wayne Levine
[Marketing & Media] Social media: The Next Corporate Frontier
Posted 1 year ago | Like
web africa
[Marketing & Media] A.M. Best Special Report: Political Unrest Overshadows MENA’s Strong Insurance Demand http://tinyurl.com/8v7p6k4
Posted 1 year ago | Like
Does your client's CEO really get what you do?

[Mbali Ndandani] PR agency, if you do not have regular contact with the CEO of your client company, then they do not see your value. It really is that simple.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (2)
Pubashan Naidoo
[Marketing & Media] Bizzexpose is a small company that make big things happen for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries and geographic locations.
Posted 1 year ago | Like
Claire Mitchell
[Marketing & Media] Still available for employment. Any opportunities welcome!
Posted 1 year ago | Like
Rules of engagement: Minimise awkward client/agency physical interactions

[Mike Silver] In many ways, the new business-development game has many parallels with dating. It all starts with making eye contact from across the room (or PC), then the manipulative schemes to frequently 'bump' into one another at random. This leads to the exchange of personal details, the initial credentials coffee-date, the follow-up credentials date, the opportunity to prove your worthiness and trust and, finally, all things going well, the first kiss.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (5)
Delivering brand promise through human resources

[Dr Carla Enslin] If the statement still seems arguable, there is now a large groundswell of opinion that brand building is no mere function of marketing or communication, but rather a primary activity that engages the entire business value chain, from service or product ideation to the design and construction of business systems.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (4)
[Funny Business] Ad agency

[Rico Schacherl]

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Native Advertising and other tall, tempting tales

[Chris Moerdyk] One of the most successful creative strategies ever conceived by the global marketing industry involves breathtakingly enticing buzzwords more often than not describing something that's been around for ages but making it sound as though it was not only invented yesterday but a new, improved, magic elixir to sickly sales and bilious brands.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Why don't ad agencies advertise? (Part III)

[Peter Mann] One of the greatest ironies of the advertising industry is that they don't believe in their own product.

Posted 1 year ago | Like (2)
The Citizen fires photographer over 'doctored' cover photo

[Rod Baker] NEWSWATCH: Mail & Guardian reports that the The Citizen has fired Johann "Slang" Hattingh after he allegedly tweeted about an image on the cover that was doctored to clone out the bodies of two of the South Africans killed in Kabul.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Need a visual aid? You're sitting on it!

[Douglas Kruger] Considering which anatomical part we park on them, chairs are one of the most venerable oratory tools in the universe. I'd go so far as to say, of all props and visual aids available to you, the humble chair, and not Bill Gates' little programme, is the ultimate.

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Social media as a game-changer for opposition parties

[Gavin Davis] A great deal has been written about the power of social media in politics. Everybody says the future is digital and that political parties ignore social media at their peril. But is social media really a game-changer? If so, how exactly is social media rewriting the rules of the political game? And how can political parties leverage social media to win votes?

Posted 1 year ago | Like
Sid Shah
[Marketing & Media] Print of stickers in you desired and demanded manner completely depends on the printing company how they formulate your ideas and how they get your vision for custom style and logo for you.
Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Mark Henry
[Marketing & Media] Info Checkpoint provides you with easy to use business search engine to get all your marketing contacts. Our updated contacts are segmented according to the industry type and they market they target.
Posted 1 year ago | Like
Please sir... can I have some more budget?

[Brian Palmer] In our area of online distribution and audience building, we often struggle to explain to both clients and agencies why they should consider allocating a small portion of their campaign budgets towards online distribution. (video)

Posted 1 year ago | Like (1)
Penelope Thekiso
Posted 1 year ago | Like