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For once in your life, hang around a bit

Introduced in May 2008 as a first of its kind in Africa, the GreenHabitatHanger is a 100% recyclable eco-friendly hanger designed in a bid to curb the endless stream of plastic and wire retail hangers that ends up in South Africa's already overburdened landfills. Made from recycled post-consumer waste such as natural, biodegradable board and paper, these hangers offer an environmentally friendly option for advertisers seeking new ways of reaching the consumer. The space provides a platform from which to advertisers can extend new and existing marketing and advertising campaigns, straight into the homes of consumers, while at the same time enabling your brand to deliver on a reduced carbon footprint commitment. The cost is just R1.65 per side per hanger, which can be customised to accommodate different types of garments and are available in a junior range for baby, toddler and children's clothing. More product information is available at