Meltwater Outside Insight: Winning the War for Consumer Attention

Meltwater invites you to join us in Cape Town on Thursday, 18 May for a complimentary evening of Outside Insight, where we'll be looking at how some of Africa's leading marketers are gearing their brands up for battle in the war for consumer attention. We'll be serving up cocktails, scrumptious snacks, and a healthy dollop of thought leadership by way of three industry-leading presentations.

Marketers the world over are in the midst of an attention war, and according to serial entrepreneur and social media guru, Gary Vaynerchuk, most of them are losing. Why, you ask? In a word: measurement.

By allowing hollow metrics to dictate the direction of marketing spend, rather than following consumer attention, marketers are losing a battle many don't even know they're waging. Be it on-demand movies or Pokemon Go, if marketers today are to stand any chance of getting through to their customers amid an increasingly competitive media landscape, they need to not only know where their customers are spending their time but also how to ensure their advertising comes out the victor for attention.

If you want to get your marketing strategy locked and loaded for 2017 and beyond, save your seat at this year's Outside Insight and get battle-ready.

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Thursday, 18 May: 18 May 2017
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Venue: African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel, Cape Town
Cost: Free

More info: African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel 15 Orange street, Gardens *Free Parking provided.* Register here.

Contact: Wesley Mathew
Company name: Meltwater
Telephone number: 021 431 4713
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