Brand and Marketing Management course

The primary purpose of this short learning programme is to develop both theoretical and practical competence in the broader field of brand building and marketing while being exposed to real-life case studies and brand-solution based problems.

Applied competence will therefore be developed by means of applying theories and principles to real-life case studies.

Students will develop the ability to integrate knowledge from the fields of brand and marketing management and should gain a deep and systemic understanding of current thinking, practice, theory and methodology.

This short course is aimed at middle managers working in the brand, marketing and communications industry.

On successful completion of this module students would be able to:

* Demonstrate insight into the broader concepts of business, brand building, marketing, communications and creativity and innovation;
* Build a coherent marketing team and brand building approach;
* Demonstrate strategic and creative skill in brand and marketing management
* Develop and present an integrated brand communications plan
* Analyse and interpret marketing information and present marketing and brand data to stakeholders.


Strategic thinking and strategic planning with application to brand, marketing, sales and communication strategy.

The role of innovation in brand building and marketing.

Research insight and strategic planning.

Designing a brand audit.

Brand identity and brand alignment (brand contact management) - external and internal brand building.

The social dimension of the brand and building healthy brands.

Services marketing models in brand building.

Integrated marketing, brand communications and media planning in brand building.

Digital media as a brand building tool.

Managing client-agency relationships.

Date: 04 February 2013
Time: 17:30 - 20:30
Venue: Vega School of Brand Leadership, Pretoria
Cost: R 9950 price may change in the new year

More info: 501 Jorissen street, MidCity Square, Sunnyside East, Pretoria

Contact: Christa Noi
Company name: Vega School of Brand Leadership
Telephone number: 012 343 3669
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