Key Steps to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Goal setting is well known for being the common denominator of successful people and an immensely powerful process.

It's based on the same principle of focus that allows us to concentrate rays of diffused sunlight into a force powerful enough to start a fire. It's the practical wisdom of "eating our elephants one bite at a time", of translating your personal mission statement into achievable actionable doing.

Despite their obvious value, not many actually follow the expert advice and many have mixed feelings about setting goals. Why? Because most of us have experienced much pain when setting and/or achieving our goals and we are stuck in goal setting patterns that don't work. This one day programme is the first step to understand and harness the power of truly effective goal setting techniques. You will combine ancient wisdom, scientific evidence and tried-and-tested techniques that make all the difference. We are privileged to support you to achieve your goals and live your dreams!

Lesson outline (one-day experiential and inspiring workshop)

The foundation of effective goals
-Realise the value of goal setting
-Know what you really want
-Know what your "big picture" looks like
-Create your personal mission statement
-Determine your wheel of life balance

Principles for effective goals setting
-Identify what doesn't work
-Identify what does work
-Masters or servants? Determine if your goals are keeping you stuck
-Answer three powerful questions
-Harness the power of focusing on the benefits
-Apply the smartest technique
-Reflect and take action
-Use the 30 most valued tips to set and achieve your goals

Make your dreams your reality
-Use scientifically proven NLP techniques to inspire goals, intentions and action
-Create sensory rich maps for your dreams
-Design well-formed outcomes
-Adhere to the conditions of a well-formed outcome
-Create your own treasure map

Date: 18 January 2018
Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Venue: 13 Lynwood Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg
Cost: R3,750 - per person (excl. VAT)

Contact: Juanita Pretorius
Company name: Key Steps Corporate Training
Telephone number: 011 615 4244
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