Mind Fit For Business

Our one day Mind Fit Business Seminar will help entrepreneurs succeed by teaching them how their mind truly works. There's a great deal of material available to entrepreneurs on how to do all the conventional things around starting-up a business and business management: Your Mind Fit Business Seminar will teach you what this information doesn't.

Let's cut right to the chase here because there is simply no avoiding this truth: Everything in life, everything we do, everything we say and every result we get comes from the thoughts that we are thinking.

Every person has genius locked up within himself or herself, but because of what life has dished up to us over the years, and because of what has been said to us over the years, we all operate with deeply buried "virus code" and false concepts about ourselves, about how business should be done, and about how easily money can be made.

Mind Fit Business Seminar dials you into true entrepreneurial ownership and success.

Our Mind Fit Business Seminar will help every person in attendance ...

Effectively leverage the power of their mind.
Set worthy goals.
"Create" in the workplace rather than "compete."
Competently and practically replace non-productive actions with productive ones.
Navigate the terror barriers in business.
Align the "Business You" with "You."
Really make that word - Attitude - work for them in amazing ways.
Leave every customer and every business touch point with an impression of increase.
Magnify the immense power of their mind through powerful techniques such as MasterMinding.
Blend all of the above in order to effectively and efficiently Think Into Results.

During our one day Mind Fit Business Seminar, we explain all of this to you in great detail.

If you aren't Mind Fit for Business, you need to be. It's not about working harder; it is most definitely about working smarter, and having your mind work for you as an entrepreneur and not against you.

Date: 18 January 2013
Time: 08:30 - 17:00
Venue: Johannesburg
Cost: R 1135.00pm

Contact: Suzanne Styles
Company name: Makes You Think
Telephone number: +27 71 360 8656
Email address