uMgungundlovu Matric Banquette 2012

This prestigious event will create a 'network of ideas that unites youth form rural and previously disadvantage communities through initiatives, talks, discussions, towards working together to enhance better academic development in the Rural and previously disadvantaged communities.

After a thorough research we conducted we discovered that many youth especially those from Rural and Disadvantaged backgrounds in our communities, exit their matric levels with no proper career guidance and support. This results in many of them becoming University drop-outs, and stay at home doing nothing. We believe that our Registration Costs Funding initiative will bring about a turn-around in this, although we can't help them all for now, but we do believe that, with a few we can assist we will make a huge difference and enhancing the spirit of Social Cohesion in our Province KwaZulu Natal, as we use what we have to get what we don't have..!

" it because you can" The theme involves creating awareness for local academic development, and use the banquette as a tool, uniting youth from different schools across the district, and in building a social cohesive networking event. To bring awareness and academic
development focused groups; sending the message across all schools, in our communities and all over KwaZulu Natal for a call to work together to enhance local career development within rural and previously disadvantage communities. The event is also designed to get youth involved in the call by His Excellency, the President Mr. JG Zuma, on his state of the nation address to work together to improve economy in South Africa.

Date: 27 November 2012
Time: 18:00 - 23:00
Venue: Pietermaritzburg City Hall, Pietermaritzburg
Cost: 150

More info: Pietermaritzburg City Center, Chief Albert Luthuli Street

Contact: Amanda Shelembe
Company name: Rural Youth Development Foundation-SA
Telephone number: 0718937267
Email address