Strategic pricing analytics

Gaining a competitive advantage and sustainable financial performance by shaping and implementing a superior pricing strategy.

In the current fast-changing economy, pricing structures and levels can change quickly over a relatively short period, with the result that strategic pricing decisions must be made more often. New competitors, new technologies, and sophisticated customers can make pricing treacherous in a highly dynamic market. Organisations are required to make decisions more frequently and with less time to assimilate the significance of changes in the marketplace. Making these decisions is, at best, a challenge and, at worst, a nightmare.

In this two-day event, our expert facilitator will take you through the steps of creating pricing strategies and using pricing models that will assist in achieving the overall objective of your organisation in the long and short term.

Key Topics
• Discovering the Power of Pricing and how it can affect your bottom line
• Gaining Insight into the mind of the Buyer
• Explaining Pricing Strategies and the different types you can use
• Understanding the Power of Value Based Pricing

Key Features
• Knowing your customer expectations and how best they react to your price
• Setting price to get the optimal volume and revenue return
• Creating a strong brand to retain and gain market share and loyal customers
• Adopting a value based approach to your product and/or service pricing strategy
• Managing price sensitive markets effectively
• Developing optimum discount methods, ensuring that you gain financially

For further information and full brochure, please contact Ms. Jascinta Ling

Date: 21 February 2013 to 22 February 2013
Venue: Johannesburg

Contact: Ms. Jascinta Ling
Company name: marcus evans
Telephone number: +603 2723 6676
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