Studio Lighting Workshop

This is a creative, beginner's, studio lighting workshop.

We will explore the diversity of the portrait by means of using flash and studio lighting in, and outside the studio. Key words here are light intensity, quality and direction.

Apart from learning how to use studio lighting equipment, students will also learn how to manipulate light in order to set the tone in their shots and create a particular mood.

The course will benefit all who wish to creatively explore light and its potential, as well as those wishing to gain a better understanding of lighting equipment and the studio environment.


This workshop is presented as a four-hour session daily, over two days and combines slide shows, theory lectures and demonstrations with emphasis on practical sessions. Classes are limited to six people.


To do this course you will need a Digital or film SLR camera and a basic understanding of photography. Bring film if applicable.

Date: 27 November 2012 to 29 November 2012
Time: 17:00 - 21:00
Venue: Cape Town

Contact: Jorina Kriel
Company name: Cape Town School of Photography
Telephone number: +27 21 465 2152
Email address