Product photography workshop

Product photography is a highly specialised, very lucrative aspect of photography.

During this workshop, under the skilled tutelage of Michael Edwards, students will be taught the basics of lighting techniques for products, and also be encouraged to present difficult product assignments in problem solving sessions.

The course is very practical, and students are encouraged to shoot and print images for critique.

First session:

• Overview of product photography

• Going over the lights/technical/backdrop

• Practical shooting

Second session:

• Looking at previous sessions work: two prints each with critique

• Explanation of this session's advanced product shoot and how to handle reflection/abstract backgrounds

• Practical shooting

• Critique and overview of what we have learned (on screen)


The workshop is limited to eight students and will be presented by Michael Edwards.


Bring your all your shooting gear as well as a selection of products you would like to explore in the studio.

Date: 20 November 2012 to 22 November 2012
Time: 17:00 - 21:00
Venue: Cape Town

Contact: Jorina Kriel
Company name: Cape Town School of Photography
Telephone number: +27 21 465 2152
Email address