Accelerating performance

'Accelerating individual and organisational performance - powerful techniques for trainers' is a must for anyone working in learning and development who wishes to gain practical insights into the benefits of accelerated learning.

Accelerated learning makes use of the full mind and body to enhance the learning experience and has been proven to significantly increase retention of information and job performance and to decrease the time needed to train someone.

This is a highly interactive and participative workshop that will give delegates plenty of opportunity to practise a range of accelerated learning techniques. This will be accompanied by formal input, group discussions and debate, delegates will be encouraged to apply accelerated learning principles to future training and development events that they will be designing and/or delivering.

During the workshop participants will:

- Experience accelerated learning in practice.
- Discover amazing facts about the brain including how to use and develop it.
- Understand and apply the main principles of accelerated learning within their own training events.
- Understand how memory works and use memory aids to increase information retention.
- Experience activities designed to maintain learners' interests and energy.
- Learn how to create a multi-sensory learning environment to engage participants and encourage maximum learning.

The workshop will be lead by Karen Velasco, Managing Director of PeopleSolve Ltd and Founder of Future Conferences.
Karen is a performance management consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach. She has worked in a variety of training, development and leadership roles for over twenty years, including nine years as managing director of PeopleSolve Ltd and 12 years as training, development and culture change manager with the Centrica Group.
Her recent projects include research into emotional intelligence, meaning at work and the use of technology to enhance the learning experience.
Karen's client list includes major blue-chip companies, public sector organisations and charities, and she has experience of facilitating and managing learning and development across five continents.

For more information and to book a place, please visit

Date: 13 November 2012
Venue: Mazars House, Rialto Road, Grand Moorings Precinct, Century City, Cape Town
Cost: R4,999 (incl. VAT) [includes all materials, lunch and refreshments]