Customer journey design course – CXPA accredited

This course will be a two-day intensive customer journey design boot camp.

You will spend two days immersed in interactive experiential engagement around how to design remarkable experiences for your customers.

Attendees can bring business problems from their own environment and draw on the collaboration of their group members to solve these design problems.

The course requires pre-reading as well as the completion of an assignment post the course in order to get a certificate as a BrandLove certified experience designer.

Date: 25 January 2018 to 26 January 2018
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Venue: Brandlove House, 88 4th Avenue, Boston, Bellville, Cape Town
Cost: R12,500 (excl. VAT)

Contact: Mareli Smit
Company name: Brandlove
Telephone number: +27 82 3364951
Email address