Reputation Protection Master Class

How to Protect your Organisation against Reputation Damage & Risk

This two - day Master Class equips delegates with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to protect and defend their organization most valuable asset - its reputation against potential threats, risk and potential damage, and is based on more than 25 years research and experience on how to protect business reputations.

The course weaves inputs from best practices in Reputation Management, Risk Management, Communication and PR, Crisis Management and Crisis Communication, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility to provide companies with tools and know-how to protect, defend and deal with reputation risk events of any kind.

Reputational Risk is now regarded globally as a "meta risk - a potential menace to fundamental business strategy, and possibly an even greater hazard to organisational survival than a financial restatement or problematical findings in a compliance report.

As executives know, reputation, quite simply, can make - or break - a company.

This Master Class consists of the following Modules:

Module 1: Understanding Reputation

- What is Reputation, the value to the organisation of a good reputation - and the risk of a bad one;
- What drives reputation, the opportunities involved as well as the risks that emanate from these drivers;
- The impact of a singular event and how it impacts different stakeholders- Why viewing issues and incidents through the lenses of a stakeholder is vital;
- Building the business case for a proactive and systemic approach to reputation risk management;

Module 2: Understanding Reputation Risk

- An overview of Risk Management and Reputation Risk;
- How reputation risk develops, manifests and impacts;
- Four ways how to define and view Reputation Risk and mitigate it;
- Examining International and Local Reputation Risk examples -such as the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Tiger Woods saga, the Credit crisis and numerous other events;
- An in-depth look at what makes reputation vulnerable
- The danger of tipping points - the most common factors and sources which can lead to a loss of reputation;
- Social Media & Online Reputation Risk - What impact Social Media technologies have on the management of corporate reputation inc. the importance of Social Media and Online Reputation Policies, Procedures and Protocols, The role of Twitter, Facebook and other networks.

Module 3: Mitigating Reputation Risk

- Analysing Reputation Risk using a Reputation Risk Root Cause Analysis Model;
- An analysis of international best practices on how to mitigate (reduce) and respond to reputation risk;
- Practical tips and techniques to help predict and counteract reputation risk before the damage is done;

Module 4: The Importance of monitoring and measuring reputation

- Why monitoring, environmental scanning, incident, issue and stakeholder management is vital to reputation protection;
- Measuring and Quantifying Reputation Risk using a four - pronged approach;
- The importance of early warning systems and indicators;

Module 5: Reputation Incident and Reputation Event Management

- Why Reputation recovery is a function of pro-activeness, communication and readiness prior, during and after a crisis;
- Crisis Communication Management plans and protocols
- Reputation Event Response Strategies - How to navigate through the rough waters of a crisis and respond to a Reputational Crisis event;
- Tips and techniques for dealing with stakeholders including the media during crisis situations;
- Practical tips on how to develop a Crisis Management capability to prepare for and handle any reputation incident or event

Module 6: Developing a Reputation Risk Framework

- The four building blocks of a reputation risk framework;
- The controls necessary to mitigate Reputation Risk;
- How to design and implement a Reputation Risk management framework - A tool used to spell out the strategies, protocols and procedures to be followed to protect reputation;

Module 7: Developing a Reputation Protection and Defence strategy

This module advocates the use of a holistic approach and integration of numerous disciplines inc. integrating Risk management, Crisis management, Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Best Practices and includes:

- Ways to embed Reputation Risk minimisation in the culture of your organisation;
- Ways to become more vigilant, with special reference to issues of reporting and rapid action;
- The "do's" and "don'ts" of working with stakeholders such as the news media, with a focus on what it takes to build, sustain and protect a good reputation - or repair a bad one;
- International Best Practices on How to Protect and Defend the Reputation of your Organisation - Online and Offline

Who should attend?

CEO's, Directors, Executives, Departmental Heads and Senior Managers in business, government and non-profit organisations with responsibility for managing risk and evaluating potential harm to the organization reputation.

The course will be of particular interest to those responsible for:

- Governance, Risk, Compliance and Ethics
- Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Branding
- Investor and Stakeholder Relations
- Corporate Affairs
- Marketing, Advertising and Communications
- Organisational Behaviour/OD

The Facilitator:

The Master Class will be facilitated by reputation Adviser, Deon Binneman. Deon has worked on reputation issues in 13 countries. In 2011 he was the Strategic Adviser on Crisis Management and Communication to the Census 2011 (Department of Statistics. Deon also worked with the Risk Committe of Vodacom, rated SA' most reputable company, designing a reputation risk framework for them as a requirement of their listing. Access his profile:

Questions: If you'd like to register by phone or have questions regarding the program, please contact Deon Binneman at ; 27 11 4753515.


R7950 exc. VAT per delegate ( Payable within five days of date of invoice)
R8950 exc. VAT per delegate (Pricing for Organisations whose payment terms exceed five days)
R6350 exc. VAT per delegate - NGO's and Associations
R6750 exc. VAT for three delegates or more from the same business unit.

Terms and Conditions apply.

How to Register:

Payment must be received PRIOR to attendance. Fees include handouts, meals, and refreshments, secure parking and benchmark information and top notch facilitation.

If you are interested to attend, please note that places are on a first come, first-served reserved basis as only a limited number of participants are accommodated each time.

To register: Call 011 475 3515 or e-mail for a registration form or download form now.

If you are really keen to enhance your reputation management competencies, then enroll for the next class by completing a registration form and faxing it to 0866 129 566. I will then send you the tax invoice for settlement.

Date: 22 August 2013 to 23 August 2013
Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Venue: Apollo Conferencing Hotel, Randburg, Johannesburg
Cost: See above

More info:

Contact: Deon Binneman
Company name: Deon Binneman
Telephone number: +27 11 4753515
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