Marketing your Consulting Practice & Expertise

I'm writing to invite you to a very special interactive workshop, to kick off your business this year.

The workshop is about "How to Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise", and it's happening Friday 17 January at the Protea Hotel Midrand.

The Goal of the workshop: To Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise Successfully and Elegantly, helping you - saving you time and money.

This intensive one- day workshop is based on more than 25 years of international and local research amongst consultants, professional service providers and business development managers, and takes an in-depth look at what works and doesn't work in professional services and consulting marketing. It incorporates the latest thinking on Social networking and inbound marketing.

The explosion of new technologies and tools, have changed the landscape of consulting and professional services marketing. Couple that with issues of competitiveness, marketing noise, the importance of reputation and lack of trust and questions start to arise such as -

• How do you market yourself and become the trusted name in a noisy and competitive market?
• How do you ensure that your Name, your Brand is the decision maker's Nr. 1 choice?
• How do you market your services using the tried and tested methods and new technologies like Social Media?

On the 17th Jan I will facilitate an action-packed workshop in Johannesburg that will answer these questions and many more. Using research from the past 25 years gleaned from the experiences of thousands of successful consultants and professional service providers and incorporating the latest Social Media Marketing research, I will provide you with tips, strategies and frameworks to develop and design your own successful marketing plan for your consulting practice and area of expertise.

If you are new consultant, a seasoned professional services provider, a business practice and/or business development manager or a junior associate hoping to become a senior partner in the business, or just interested to gain knowledge of practical do it yourself marketing techniques; this workshop is ideal for your learning needs.

By attending the Marketing your Consulting Practice workshop; you'll learn how to:

- Identify what works and doesn't work in consulting and professional services marketing;
- Integrate latest techniques and tips gleaned from Social Media and other professions into your marketing efforts;
- Think like a marketer and spot opportunities to enhance your own brand and sell your services and expertise ;
- Develop social media campaigns and outcomes that you can actually reach;
- Bridge the gap between planning and effective marketing

More Information:

Your brand is out there 24/7 whether you want it to be or not-at this very moment it is being discussed in a digital public forum, at meetings or in face-to-face discussions. You can't afford not to be part of that conversation-and, for that reason, you should not miss this acclaimed workshop - see endorsements:

We will share techniques, tips and tools that ranges from concept to creation to execution-and will leave ample time to answer all of your questions. And, best of all, you'll get to engage with other successful consultants, your peers and benchmark your own marketing and selling approach.

Sign Up Your Team Today - The Early Bird Rate has been extended to this Wednesday 8th Jan. Save R845 with code MYP17.

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This is what one of the delegate's - a lawyer had to say about the last workshop:

"It's always so refreshing to sit and learn under someone who knows what they're talking about!! Yesterday's workshop shifted many preconceived ideas I had on the importance and impact of effective marketing. It was different, fresh and very enlightening!! Many, many thanks Deon"..

Learning objectives:

On completion of the workshop you will be able to market and sell your services in a manner appropriate to the role and status of a professional adviser and be able to select those proven strategies which are congruent with your desired professional image and reputation and preferred personal behaviour.

You will learn the latest practice building and professional services marketing techniques from the best in industry and will learn ways to incorporate them into your very own consulting practice.

This intensive one- day workshop will take an in-depth look at what works and doesn't work in professional services and consulting marketing, and addresses issues such as:

- What it takes to become a Rainmaker
- The key factors of Consulting Success
- How to build your image and reputation and have clients come to you, using techniques incorporating the Law of Attraction and scientific consulting practice marketing;
- How to position yourself as a thought leader, build a reputation and create a name for yourself using tools such as the Law of Attraction, Reputation, Social Media and name recognition strategies;
- Why your current clients are a goldmine and why you should deepen relationships and business with them;
- How to get more and better referral business;
- How to use low cost/no cost ways of gaining professional exposure;
- How to generate 'static' income;
- How to price services for maximum profit and income;
- How to write winning business proposals and contracts;
- Marketing and Promotional strategies using traditional media and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to build a favourable reputation, relationships, name recognition and presence;
- How to make networking and relationship building pay;
- How to find new opportunities to capitalise on your knowledge, skills and expertise irrespective of economic circumstances;
- How to plant seeds now for a harvest in the future;
- Practical tips and techniques for success...... and much, much more.

Handouts and exercises will get you thoroughly involved in the planning process, creating a fast-paced workshop! A Workshop at which you will learn skills and tips that will enable your marketing efforts to become even more impactful.

Who should attend:

The seminar is targeted at new consultants, practice development managers, seasoned consultants and professional services providers and those interested in selling their own expertise as well as those interested in adopting new and powerful tools to increase marketing ROI and move closer to marketing success.

The workshop will be facilitated by international speaker and reputation management consultant, Deon Binneman. See his profile -

For more information on this workshop, interested readers can call 27 011 4753515, e-mail or go online to take a look at the outline and rave reviews by previous attendees.

Space is limited. Reserve your place now.

o** How to Register**

Please e-mail for a registration form (Note: Payment is required prior to event - email me with questions - Please note that seating will be limited and that only a maximum of 15 consultants will be accommodated. So register quickly if you would like to secure your seat.)

Fees:R2105 exc. VAT until 8 Jan. Thereafter R 2995 exc. VAT. R2451 exc. VAT per delegate for three delegates or more from the same business unit

Date: 17 January 2014
Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Venue: Protea Hotel Midrand, 14 Street, Noorwyk Exit 20, Johannesburg, Johannesburg
Cost: R2995.00 exc. VAT

More info:

Contact: Deon Binneman
Company name: Deon Binneman
Telephone number: +27 11 4753515
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