Stakeholder reputation management master class

The Stakeholder Reputation Management Masterclass is an intensive two - day training seminar that provides companies with a structured approach to managing reputation through managing, communicating and engaging with stakeholders. This event provides valuable information, insight and guidance on how to comply with Section 8 of the King Code 3 on Corporate Governance.

An Organisation derives its reputation from the way it's performance, actions and behaviour is perceived by stakeholders. A Stakeholder is any group or individual that can affect or is affected by the performance, behaviour and actions of an organisation.

These perceptions are influenced by the relationship building, communication and engagement practices of the organisation. This two day training course from the 26 - 27 November at the Apollo Hotel in Randburg, Johannesburg will provide managers with the know-how and means to strategically guide and influence these processes in their respective organisations.

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In the King 3 Code on Corporate Governance specific mention is made of the importance of stakeholder inclusivity (i.e. that the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders are considered when deciding in the best interests of the company), stakeholder identification and determination of expectations and needs, the proactive management of stakeholder relationships, and that management should develop a strategy and formulate policies for the management of relationships with each stakeholder grouping.

This intensive two-day training seminar explores international best practice approaches to Stakeholder and Reputation Management and will help organisations to comply with Section 8 of the King Code 3 Guidelines on Corporate Governance.

The course gives a delegate the practical, experienced guidance they need for designing a successful Stakeholder Reputation Management system and includes a dedicated look at communication, engagement and relationship building and reputation enhancement practices.

Here are some typical questions that leaders should be asking about stakeholder and reputation management processes in their organisations.

• Who are our stakeholders?
• What are our stakeholders' stakes?
• What opportunities and challenges do stakeholders present?
• What economic, legal, ethical, and social responsibilities does our organisation have towards our various stakeholders?
• What strategies or actions should we take to best manage stakeholder challenges and opportunities?
• Do you have a system for managing relationships with stakeholders?
• How do you measure results? What metrics do you use to assess and gauge stakeholder relationships?
• In a crisis how quickly can you communicate with your relevant stakeholders?
• Do you know the various methods to engage with stakeholders and when not to use it?
• Can you state how much you are spending on each stakeholder group and what your ROI is?
• Have you developed a set of rules and practices on how best to manage the process of building stakeholder reputation with each stakeholder group?

The event will be led by international speaker and reputation management consultant Deon Binneman. See his profile at -

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Delegates of this Course will learn:

• The real business benefits of effective stakeholder management;
• About the impact of stakeholder management on the reputation of the institution;
• Why the King Code 3 advocates a stakeholder-inclusive approach and strategy;
• All about Stakeholder and reputation management best practices from around the Globe;
• The Principles and Phases of Stakeholder Management;
• To understand the organisation in the context of stakeholder management;
• How to prepare for and carry out Stakeholder Profiling and Research;
• How to develop an appropriate Stakeholder Management strategy based on relevance and prioritisation;
• How to create the Stakeholder Reputation Management components -planning, organisation, communications and engagement strategies;
• The importance of Stakeholder Identification and Research - Information Collection and Database maintenance;
• How to embed Stakeholder and Reputation Management thinking in the culture of an organisation;
• The benefits of improved stakeholder relationships, and the value of a Stakeholder Management system and its impact on corporate reputation;
• The resource requirements for an effective Stakeholder Reputation management framework, and
• How to use engagement, relationship building tactics and communication methods and tools to build and maintain a favourable reputation with stakeholders and comply with the King 3 Code of Corporate Governance.

If you're responsible for ensuring that your organisation maintains a favourable reputation and relationships with its stakeholders - this course covers all the key steps for your stakeholder management arrangements.

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Date: 26 November 2012 to 27 November 2012
Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Venue: Apollo Hotel, Randburg, Johannnesburg

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