Neuroscience in the work place

Day one - Using Neuroscience to create a happy and highly productive workplace which increases your profitability
Day two - Learn how to increase your marketing efficiency and effectiveness significantly

By applying the latest neuroscience research in the workplace, companies are able to improve the leadership skills of their executives and managers, and also gain a better understanding about the minds of their employees and what motivates them. Provision Research and Events

Why you cannot miss this event?

Understanding our brains will be the most important frontier humanity will breach in the 21st century. Neuroscience has broken out of the laboratory and made its way beyond academic studies. This event brings you applicable, accessible expertise in the fields of medicine, marketing, psychiatry, sociology, pharmacology, consumer behaviour and business strategy to make neuroscience the most significant tool in the Marketing and Wellness functions of your business. Neuromarketing removes the guesswork from Marketing, and Neuro Wellness makes us our own best Wellness partners.  

Your expert speakers

Dr Denise Bjorkman Chief Executive Officer
The Neuro Business Institute

Shaun Phillips Marketing Director
The Neuro Business Institute

Dr. Alex Asakatikpi Neuro Sociologist
Monash South Africa

Professor Mark Gillman Professor
S.A. Brain Research Institute

Lorraine Leas Managing Director
Amipro Metagenics South Africa

Dr Costa Kapnias, Chief Executive Officer
Omegawave South Africa

Dr Mark Germon Medical Practitioner

Sasha Mannion Bio Chemist and Human Genetics
DNAlysis Biotechnology

Dr Thembi Modungwa Mental Health Practitioner, Mental Health Review and Social Scientist
The Neuro Business Institute

Prof Pierre Joubert Bureau of Market Research and Driver of Neuro
marketing Research in South Africa
University of South Africa

Professor Martin Nasser Professor Emeritus and Associate Professor
Wharton and Harvard Universities

Professor Peet Du Toit Professor of Neuroscience and Physiology
University of Pretoria

Key topics for day one - Neuro Wellness in the work place
-Reviewing Employee Wellness with the Brain in Mind
-Mastering Neuro Sociology of the workplace
-Optimise your workplace dynamics - Unlock potential and inspire performance
-Cannabis in the work place
-Live demonstration using the latest Neuroscience technology

Key topics for day two - Neuromarketing
-Using Neuroscience in strategic marketing
-Applying deeper consumer research with biometrics
-The Neuroscience behind sports marketing

Who should attend day one?

CEOs, Managing Directors, Managers, Neuro Wellness, Health practitioners, human resource executives and decision makers; wellness and medical practitioners, trainers, therapists and consultants; business decision-makers, influencers and strategists involved in improving employee wellness and operational efficiency; any organisation that puts its people at the centre of its business strategy; anyone needing to improve productive capacity and capability of their resources.

Who should attend day two?

Neuromarketing, business decision-makers, influencers and strategists involved in getting a product or service to market; anyone wanting to connect with their customer or consumer; anyone needing to increase the share of the market, the share of voice and share of wallet. Marketing executives, directors and strategists; product owners and designers; sales, media, creative, digital, production and communications agencies; media owners; media buyers; board members, partners and executives in any size enterprise.

Neuro Wellness Solutions for your organisation
Do you have a number of employees who require neuroscience assessment programmes? We will provide total wellness training solutions for your employees across any industry. These assessments and programmes will take place at your company and will be conducted by a qualified Neuro Scientist. These programmes are geared up to create a happy and highly productive workplace which will increase your organisation's profitability.

For more information on these programmes please contact:
Arusha Dasrath
Email: or
Telephone: 011 7023327

Neuroscience in the Work Place: 16 October 2017 to 17 October 2017
Time: 08:00 - 17:00
Venue: Sandton Sun Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa, Johannesburg

Contact: Arusha Dasrath
Company name: Provision Research and Events
Telephone number: 011 7023327
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