Part 2 Event Compliance

Understanding health and safety at events including risk, safety and security management

How to Run Compliant, Safe and Secure Events Understanding mandatory event operations Occupational Health & Safety Act, Disaster Management Act, and Insurance and how to assess risk.

With any event there is risk - from rowdy guests at cocktail parties or conferences to a life -threatening riot at a sports event. Event Risk Management & Safety provides a comprehensive resource for managing event risk & limiting liability for modest or grand events.

Unfortunately until something bad happens, many people do not make a dedicated commitment to safety.

When something bad happens, fingers are pointed, lawsuits are filed, reputations are ruined, and the emotional and financial consequences are devastating.

You need to ensure that you and your organisation have policies and procedures in place including prevention plans, contingency plans and crisis planning. It does not matter what type of event you are running - you are responsible for the welfare of the attendees! This two day workshop will provide you with the tools, templates and information to ensure that your event is delivered in the most professional way at the highest standard possible.

The following will be covered:
• Understanding The South African National Standards for events
• Health and safety procedure and regulations (The Occupational Health and Safety Act)
• General fire safety for events
• Electrical procedures and regulations
• Emergency procedures
• National Building regulations
• Safe working practices
• Permissions
• Disaster management documentation
• Liability and event insurance
• Understanding risk, identifying it and developing prevention mechanisms
• Build contingency plans
• Safety and crisis management policies
• Insurance policies and procedures including a look at the Occupational Health and Safety Act
• Liability issues
• Venue considerations: Marquees and venues
• Temporary construction
• Fire safety regulations
• Medical safety
• Working with security companies
• How to conduct a proper site visit
• Designing floor plans

Date: 14 February 2013 to 15 February 2013
Venue: City Lodge, Fourways

Contact: Janna Gers
Company name: The Hedgehog Event
Telephone number: 011 465 2272
Email address