Part 1 The Secret to Event and Meeting Management

From good to great event administration and coordination.
A step by step approach managing an event from beginning to end.
Gain the skills to plan, implement and manage any event, of any size. By attending this course you will be able to succeed within the competitive industry of events coordination. This training course is designed for event coordinators by an event coordinator. It is based on first hand real life event experience.

This course is delivered in a way that is logical and practical. We cover aspects of an event from the beginning of the event cycle to the end.

The key to eventing success is to ensure that every aspect of the event has been designed, planned and managed effectively and efficiently.

This course will not only give you an understanding of how to develop administration tools but will help you coordinate a great event that will keep your customers coming back for more.
• Project planner: Receive the most comprehensive, practical and user friendly 20 page essential event project planner ever! It includes checklists and templates for every aspect of an event and will ensure you don't forget anything.
• Marketing, branding and your events
oThe rise of events and how to maximise your return on investment and marketing
oUnderstanding how to integrate and build your brand into your event
oHow to create memorable brand experiences
•Administration Tools: Develop easy to use and time saving administrative processes and event systems for your event department
oHow to get organised with your filing, emails, calendar and documentation: Easy time saving tips and tricks
•Tender Process: Understanding the client's tender and procurement process, procedures and requirements
•Project Scope: How to interview clients and identify the project scope
•Event development and research
oHow to develop innovative themes and concepts
oHow to integrate themes throughout your marketing campaign
oCase studies of events: Ideas to make your events spectacular
oHow to incorporate and manage catering, content, entertainment, the environment, invitations, and production into your overall design experience
oHow to develop the event program for breakfast, informal dinners, business events and conferences
oInvitation development and design considerations
oInvitation formal vs. informal codes including dress codes and etiquette
oHow to write formal and informal invitations
oHow to conduct event research
oIdentifying stakeholders and setting event objectives
oSub supplier tender process and procedures - The Request for Proposal process
oMeasuring value for your events to ensure survival into the future
oTender development
oHow to develop the bid tender budget
oHow to manage your budget - templates will be given to delegates
oHow to price your events
oHow to deliver a dynamic, confident tender
•Planning and preparation including event project management
oFinancial management: How to manage any size budget, cash flow and payments
oHow to stretch a budget, cost cutting ideas.
oHow to integrate your event into your marketing and promotion campaigns
oHow to design your event from physical space requirements to mandatory requirements
oHow to work out capacity calculations, set up room configurations, numbering tables and determining screen sizes just to name a few
oHow to integrate décor into your total design
oAttendee management including seating systems, seating protocol, registration processes and communication procedures
oRSVP management: How to integrate technology and electronic systems
oHow to manage seating arrangements, seating charts and table plans
oIdentifying technological tools that can be implemented to support the goals of the event
oLogistics and infrastructure management
oSite management
oTechnical and production management
oDeveloping contingency plans
oFood and beverage management including serving styles, catering considerations, service ratios, how to manage special meal requirements
oSpeaker/presenter management: How to liaise and manage media, celebrities and entertainers
•Event Implementation: Implementing your event including contract management and how to brief vendors, venue and speakers on the event
•Event Execution: How to execute your event on the day from set up to break down
•Event Management: How to manage sound checks, time management, VIPS, vendors, the venue and staff
oOrchestrating the event including registration, ushering guests, dealing with extra guests etc.
oDeveloping paperless feedback systems during and post event
•Event Closure: Evaluating event success post event

Date: 27 February 2013 to 28 February 2013
Time: 09:00 - 15:00
Venue: City Lodge Fourways, Fourways

Contact: Janna Gers
Company name: The Hedgehog Event
Telephone number: 011 465 2272
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