Digital Strategy and Social Media Master Class

Day 1 (Tues 12 Feb): Digital Strategy

In times of chaotic change, strategy is everything. Learn how to be strategically competitive and reposition your business to a customer base that uses the web as its decision-making tool. Every business today needs to have a digital strategy that typically extends beyond e-marketing. An integrated digital strategy ensures that the business stays ahead of competitors and remains customer-centric. This course looks at the big picture, explains how the digital landscape is evolving, and explores what shifts in customer communication and decision-making processes mean for the evolution of the business and its marketing.

You'll learn the eight step methodology for cutting through the chaos of the digital revolution and building clearly focused, measurable strategies for success. You'll learn how to integrate all of the different elements of e-marketing into a balanced, prioritised and achievable approach, and you'll discover how best to structure your organisation to exploit the right digital opportunities.
Some of what is covered:
• Staying ahead of competitors
• The evolving digital landscape
• Customer-centricity
• Innovating the customer experience
• Customer communication and decision-making processes
• Eight step methodology for building digital strategies
• How to structure your organisation for digital
• How to integrate all the elements of digital marketing

Day 2 (Wed 13 Feb): Social Media Marketing

This intensive course examines the best strategic approaches to exploiting social media, and how to integrate these with traditional communication approaches. If you have a marketing, creative, planning, media, PR, CRM or customer engagement responsibility, this is a must! Today the medium you have to master is the mobile networked consumer, but the size of your fan base is not a meaningful metric of success, and social media doesn't work the way it is hyped.
This course brings clarity to socially networked communication and provides the strategic business framework for effectively integrating online word of mouth and reputation management into your digital initiatives. You will gain insight into how best to leverage the major social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare. You'll learn powerful strategies, tactics and methodologies (such as Britefire's Social Media Lens). You'll explore alternative approaches to structuring your organisation to best manage social engagement, and you'll discover the best tools and techniques for measuring, reporting, and staying ahead of the curve.
This course:
• Clarifies why socially networked communication is so powerful
• Explains global best practices in social media
• Provides a strategic business framework
• Offers expert insight into applying Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and others
• Analyses case studies from large and small businesses, local and global
• Outlines strategies, tactics and methodologies for marketing, reputation management
• Explores organisation structures appropriate to your social maturity level
• Clarifies how you should manage social engagement
• Recommends tools and techniques for measuring and reporting
This two-day intensive master class is led by Godfrey Parkin, a digital strategist, e-marketer, author, USBED faculty member, on their social media and digital strategies. Godfrey's primary expertise is in creating and implementing business strategies that build profitable relationships with the online consumer. International internet business veteran and founder of Britefire. Godfrey has advised some of the world's largest corporations.

Date: 12 February 2013 to 13 February 2013
Time: 08:30 - 16:00
Venue: TBC - JHB Based, Johannesburg
Cost: DMA Members: R4 400-00 excl VAT | Non DMA Member: R5 000-00 excl Vat

Contact: Nadine Nagel
Company name: Pollen Interactions
Telephone number: 011 894 2767
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