Social media for business

Training that will boost your company or brand and increase sales.. Social media is the new easy, fastest form of communication and advertising.

Content Outline Works
1. Impact of the Social Media Revolution on Business

Background on the evolution and rise of social media
Most active platforms and their impact/implications
Utility of social media in business

2. Interfacing Social Media with Business Functions
- Executive/C-Suite

Executive Profile building
Brand enhancement
Executive Buy in- strategic outlook
Crisis communication

- Marketing

Brand value
Community building
PR and campaign alignment

- Customer Service

Front line service
Response mechanism

- HR

Social media as a recruitment tool
Understanding social media positions in organisations
Policies and guidelines
Managing Productivity in a social workplace

- Finance

Implications on budget
Budgeting for social media
Measuring ROI
Application to risk

Social Media for Business

How to succeed in a 'social world'
Our training outlines the features of a 'social' business or organization'
We help you identify the opportunities to utilise social media across your various business functions. We also highlight threats and challenges, while outlining best practices for ensuring that your organisation incorporates social media strategically and successfully.
Financial Reporting
Regulatory compliance

- IT

Data Security
Back up
Workspace segregation

3. Online Reputation Management

How the world perceives and values your brand impacts on your business. We outline why your organisation's reputation is crucial for success, what threats social media presents to it and how you and your team can protect it.

4. Social Media Strategy

How to incorporate social media into your organisations strategically for sustainability and success
Our course is conducted over the course of one business day. Our content is updated on an ongoing basis to keep up to date with new platforms, products and situations.

Training Methods Include:

- Case analysis - Real Social media relations experiences
- Situation and Experiences Problem Solving
- Web based Group work, debates and discussions
- Structured web based exercises

Date: 01 November 2012 to 22 November 2012
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Venue: The Focus Room, Johannesburg
Cost: R 1 700 excl vat

More info: The Core, 1st floor south
Cnr Kikuyu and Leeuwkop
Sunninghill, Sandton

Contact: Nosipho
Company name: Kwazi Communications
Telephone number: 011 234 2500
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