Sports 360 Engage

The first ever "Conversation" for Social Media in Sports and how Brands can extract intrinsic value from "Engaging" the country's "Passionate Sports Fans".

For Brands.
A must do event which will guide you on how to optimise your ad spend by including low-cost Social Media Campaigns to get Sports Fans to start a "Conversation" with your Brand. Why Not access "ready-made" segments through databases owned by Sports Teams?

For Sports Teams.
A must do event which will guide you on how to optimise your intrinsic and residual value found in your database listing the members of your supporters club, your fans and match-day spectators, respectively. The Indaba will show you how to offer this intrinsic and residual value, through a commercial partnership to Brands as a proposition to start a "Conversation" with your database.

For Digital and Social Media Agencies.
A Must do event, which will give you an opportunity to start a "Conversation" with Sports Teams and Brands on how both could implement effective Social Media and Digital Strategies to extract "intrinsic and residual value" from Engaging Sports Fans.

Date: 23 November 2012
Time: 08:00 - 13:00
Venue: Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg

Contact: Gerrit
Company name: Gerom Media
Telephone number: +27 82 496 1657
Email address