Graphic Designers

Qualified graphic designers from institute of Graphic Designers in Zimbabwe.

We happy to pronounce this on behalf of Institute of Graphic Designers (INGRAD) that you may now get access of most qualified personnel from the Institution. Ingrad is founded by G.Mlambo and is partnering with Promoprint Zimbabwe to train, certify Graphic Designers whom meet the current standards in Africa and internationally.

You only contact with us and we get the most talented graphic designers who accomplishes tasks and very hardworking. You do not pay anything.

We can negotiate all terms on recruiting for your advantage.

Date: 12 October 2012 to 18 July 2016
Time: 08:12 - 19:12
Venue: Harare

Contact: Farai Matimbe
Company name: Promoprint
Telephone number: +263-77 4 513 839, 263-04-2937516
Email address