Certificate in service marketing

Services' marketing is a well-established discipline of marketing with its own theories and body of knowledge.

Throughout this module the delegate will be made aware of the unique challenges of marketing a service that is essentially an intangible entity within the increasingly competitive environment that businesses operate in. The ultimate objective of this module is to equip the delegate to analyse situations and develop workable services-marketing strategies. By the end of the programme the delegate will have a good feel for a market-directed system and how to develop it, or assist a company to perform better. To reach this objective this programme includes aspects such as the quality of the service, what the customer expects compared to his/her perceptions, the value created for the customer, building demand, customer relationships and how to communicate the service to the customer. The certificate in services marketing is an excellent foundation for a delegate to understand the unique challenges of marketing a service.

Date: 29 September 2012 to 24 November 2012
Venue: Gauteng
Cost: R6900.00

Contact: Thireshni Naidoo
Company name: IMM School of Business Science
Telephone number: 7116282009
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