Tiens SA Awards and luxury car parade

Leading China-based multinational conglomerate Tiens is cementing its commitment to the African continent with a spectacular awards ceremony that honours its top-performing Southern Africa distributors of the past year.

Leading China-based multinational conglomerate Tiens is cementing its commitment to the African continent with a spectacular awards ceremony that honours its top-performing Southern Africa distributors of the past year.

Going under the theme ‘One Tiens, One Aim, One Mind, One Successful Team", the awards ceremony takes place on 7th November at The Sandton Convention Centre and is the pinnacle of several days of activities designed to highlight the multinational's relationship with Africa.

Close on four thousand delegates will descend on Johannesburg for the Tiens Southern African Annual regional Convention 2009, a highlight in the calendar of those associated with Tiens' African operations in the DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Madagascar and South Africa.

Part of the weekend's activities include a Tiens Luxury Car Parade on November 7th and the Annual Elite Dinner at Montecasino on November 8th.

The car parade showcases the 12 BMWs that will be awarded to distributors in the SADC Region. These prizes are valued at $25, 000 each, bringing the cash value of prizes to be handed out on (date) to close to $300,000.

In keeping with the corporate philosophy integral to Tiens global operations, there will be a strong element of giving back at the Tiens Southern African Annual Regional Convention 2009 through a donation of products worth R200, 000.00 to an orphanage in Soweto.
“Part of Tiens' ethos is to spread universal love and social responsibilities to local communities,” says Mr. Kevin Hou Yan, General Manager of Tiens Southern Africa.

Tiens primary focus is a commitment to training and developing entrepreneurs as well as assisting them in setting up their own businesses - something that national governments have identified as crucial to the economic development of the continent. Currently there are around 16 Million consumer families and 110 branches worldwide including South Africa (where 100,000.00 distributors of Tiens product are active). To date Tiens group has donated over 200 million to charity.

Through the production of health food, healthcare, skincare and household products, Tiens also breathes life into the Chinese principle of a holistic approach to maintain a healthy
lifestyle. “For over 5000 years, the Chinese have known that the secret to health and
longevity is all in four steps: Cleansing, Replenishing, Strengthening and Balancing the body. Tiens is at the forefront of sharing this innate understanding of the cause of health with the rest of the world,” explains Mr. Hou Yan.

Key to Tiens' Africa operations is its Banner Store which serve the purpose of making Tiens products available in a way that benefits franchisees directly through a percentage of every sale going directly to the store owner. There is already a Banner Store in Randburg, Johannesburg and more are being planned for the Southern African region.

Says Mr. Hou Yan. “Tiens' business model is based on providing products that improve the quality of people's lives and create a more harmonious world while also giving our distributors and Banner Store partners the chance to earn a decent living. Our awards event and other activities are a way of honouring our Southern African partners for their hard work and dedication. Tiens is committed to nation building and this is one of the many ways of showing our commitment to the partnership we have with our networks.”
Editor's note:

Tiens develops health food, health care, beauty care and home care products, Tiens Group offers a high quality lifestyle with health, happiness, beauty and affluence to over 16 million consumers worldwide.

Founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China, Tiens Group Co., Ltd. ("Tiens Group") entered the international market in 1998, was successfully listed on NASDAQ in September 2003, and formally entered into the AMEX in April 2005. Tiens is a multinational group specializing in retail, tourism, finance, international trade and E-business.

With a business covering over 190 countries and regions, Tiens has subsidiaries or branches in 110 countries and regions, and has established strategic alliances with world-class enterprises from over 20 countries.

Tiens South Africa is a member of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa and the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce.

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Date: 07 November 2009
Venue: Sandton Convetion Centre, Johannesburg

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