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How local business innovation equips off-grid households with electricity

If the old adage is true and necessity is the mother of invention, then ingenuity must surely be the father...

By Patrick Greene 1 day ago

World's carbon emissions on the rise again: IEA

Harmful carbon emissions from energy rose in 2017 for the first time in three years, the International Energy Agency said on Thursday, 22 March, proof that the world's efforts to fight climate change are falling short...

1 day ago

Scientists to turn chicken feathers into socks

Nearly one billion broiler chickens were slaughtered locally in 2013, leaving behind a pile of nearly 240 million kg of feathers every year that was mainly dumped in landfill sites. To turn this mountain of feathers into something more valuable...

1 day ago

Ikea's "fast food of the future" includes worm balls, bug burgers and algae hot dogs

Space10 is Ikea's research hub and innovation lab, devoted to developing bold and sustainable new business models. The latest project to come out of the lab is a selection of five iconic fast food dishes...

By Rich Haridy 1 day ago

Davinci Hotel awarded Meetings Africa 2018 Green Hotel Award

The award recognises the hotel that puts the most effort in maintaining a green footprint across a host of disciplines within its business...

1 day ago

Making water infrastructure intelligent is a water wise move for Africa

Rapid urbanisation across the continent is having an effect on water demands and it is estimated that by the year 2030, the world will need 40% more water than its current accessible, reliable supply...

By Sabine Dall'Omo 1 day ago

Enterprise development - the gift that keeps on giving

What started out as an Enterprise Development (ED) initiative in 2014 has produced exponential results for BT Conglomerate...

Issued by Enterprises University of Pretoria 1 day ago

R37.5m biorefinery facility launched in Durban to extract maximum value from biomass waste

In a first for South Africa, the government has launched a R37.5m biorefinery facility in Durban. The facility will support innovation in a range of industries, including forestry, agro-processing and other biomass-based industries...

2 days ago

Strengthening our water resilience by combining the best of grey and green

This year's World Water Day, celebrated annually on 22 March, provides a moment for the citizens of our planet to focus collective attention on a life-giving yet increasingly limited resource that is so frequently taken for granted...

By John Dini 2 days ago

Port Louis is Africa's best city: Mercer survey

According to Mercer's 2018 Quality of Living Survey, Port Louis is the best city in Africa, ranking 83rd globally. The Mauritian city is followed by Durban (89), Cape Town (94) and Johannesburg (95)...

2 days ago

Local inventor finds way to generate gas from plastic trash

From building alien spaceships on the set of the film District 9 to setting up his own hydroponic system at home, innovator Pierre "Pops" Pretorius always had an idea floating around in his head...

By Farren Collins 2 days ago

Cape Town to pilot "safe space" for homeless people

A "safe space" for homeless people at the Culemborg bridge in the Cape Town city centre should be operational in May 2018, according to JP Smith, mayco member for safety and security, and social services...

By Aidan Jones 2 days ago

Health and wellness should become part of agricultural employers' long-term strategy

The looming challenges associated with an unhealthy or dissatisfied labour force requires urgent attention. "To achieve longer-term prosperity in agriculture, we must make the health and financial security of workers of all levels a priority."

2 days ago

Sea level fears as more of giant Antarctic glacier floating than thought

More of a giant France-sized glacier in Antarctica is floating on the ocean than previously thought...

2 days ago

From Hook to Cook: Bistro Sixteen82, Abalobi partners on first restaurant-supported fishery

The partnership between traditional fishers Abalobi, WWF-Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative and Bistro Sixteen82, provide fishing communities on the western and southern Cape coast with a better price for their fish and livelihood for their families...

20 Mar 2018

#AZA18: 'Future of our cities is the future of our humanity'

Themed WeTheCity: Memory & Resilience, ArchitectureZA 2018 (#AZA18) plans to engage the changing role of architects in the built environment and architects' obligations to the public...

20 Mar 2018

Only half of plastic bag levy has gone to support recycling

Only about half of the nearly R2bn raised through the plastic supermarket bag levy has been officially allocated to recycling...

By Guy Rogers 20 Mar 2018

Warming climate will displace millions in coming decades: World Bank

The number of people fleeing crop failures, droughts and rising sea levels will grow drastically over the next three decades if world governments do not intervene...

20 Mar 2018

2018 Global Citizen Award open for nominations

The fourth annual Henley & Partners Global Citizen Award is now open for nominations...

20 Mar 2018

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Concerted campaign helps women in Kenya's flower industry get a better deal

This Valentine's Day florists are predicting sales of $95m in the UK alone. But where do they all come from?

By Lara Bianchi 16 Feb 2018

Oxfam scandal: development work is built on inequality but that's no reason to cut foreign aid

Revelations that Oxfam workers paid for prostitutes in Haiti as the organisation was supporting survivors of the earthquake in 2011, have reopened a longstanding debate about foreign aid in the UK.

By Luisa Enria 13 Feb 2018

#FairnessFirst: Why Trudeau will bounce back from #Peoplekind

In the wake of his #Peoplekind comment, a joke that "didn't play well out of context", The Evening Standard has provided a lookback on Trudeau's push for gender equality.

By Leigh Andrews 12 Feb 2018

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