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Firm unveils new app to boost agricultural yields

A simple-to-use farm management app to help farmers manage both the day-to-day activities of the farm and even the business-side of their operations...

By Nume Ekeghe 11 hours ago

Prepare your animals for the feedlot

"Each feedlot has different needs. Breed, weight, gender and numerous other factors can all influence the price - not only the price the feedlot is prepared to pay but also..."

14 hours ago

Angola's investment in non-oil sectors starts to pay off

With forecasts of rising commodity prices, investors must now bear in mind that we are moving towards a sellers' market...

By Miguel Damião Gago 1 day ago

Agri finance in a time of uncertainty and risk

Farm debt is now in the region of R160bn and near an all-time high. Financiers and clients need to approach the coming season with realism and care...

1 day ago

Simple concoction found to halt Fall armyworm

A farmers' group in South Sudan says it has found a way to combat the dreaded Fall armyworm. The all-natural formula is designed to kill the armyworms while not harming the plants...

By Dimo Silva 1 day ago

Government to scale up use of greenhouses for high-value crops

Rwanda's government is seeking to promote the use of greenhouses to harvest more from high-value crops in the forthcoming fourth Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation...

By Emmanuel Ntirenganya 1 day ago

Warm winter and low demand lead to vegetable oversupply

Across the country, there is an oversupply of most vegetables, a product of the warm winter as well as depressed buying power on the part of South African consumers....

1 day ago

#FreshConnections: The realities of trading in Africa

It's often agreed that the trickiest part of the supply chain is not the sourcing, but getting the product to the consumer...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 18 Aug 2017

Conference calls for greater land ownership rights for women in Africa

Influential women from across Africa shared their findings on land policy initiatives, including women's rights to own land...

18 Aug 2017

Avian influenza containment crucial for poultry markets

Poultry destined for exports now have to be absorbed in the South African market, which may also weigh in on prices...

18 Aug 2017

Niger to boost poultry farming with mobile kits

Niger State government is set to boost poultry production through the introduction of mobile kits. The mobile poultry is part of the youth empowerment scheme with agriculture entrepreneurship as the driving force...

By Ahmed Tahir Ajobe 18 Aug 2017

A woman's place in agriculture

Agriculture is traditionally regarded as a male profession, but those in the industry know that women are playing an influential role in developing the growth of agriculture in Africa...

17 Aug 2017

Profitability the prerequisite for sustainable agricultural production

“The single most important factor that determines the sustainability of agricultural production to provide food security to any country is the fact that it can only be achievable if the production of food is profitable."

17 Aug 2017

The Cradle of Food & Wine Festival celebrates female wine and spirit makers

In celebration of Women's Month, the Cradle of Food & Wine Festival, in conjunction with Wine Menu, features some of the country's best craft wine and gin made by female wine and spirit makers...

17 Aug 2017

Contaminated eggs show continuing problems with supply chain

Another food scandal: this time eggs used for making sandwiches and other processed products that contain traces of an insecticide called fipronil...

By Lisa Jack 17 Aug 2017

Nigeria to save N300bn annually from rice import

Nigeria will be saving about N300bn it spends annually on importation of rice as local production of the commodity has now reached 15 million metric tonnes...

By Bayo Amodu and Ruth Tene Natsa 16 Aug 2017

New study: Pesticides increase extinction risk for bumblebee populations

Neonicotinoids are a class of insecticides that are used on agricultural crops to control insect pests. Unfortunately, numerous studies have shown that they can also damage beneficial insects like bumblebees...

By Mark Brown 16 Aug 2017

'Recovery lending' helps disaster-stricken farmers get back on track

Accessing credit has long been a major hurdle for small-scale farmers in Africa, who produce some 70 percent of the continent's food...

By Robert Kibet 16 Aug 2017

Land audit still not completed

The land-reform programme has generally been tardy, which has created uncertainty in the agricultural sector. The biggest challenge for the land reform programme remained...

15 Aug 2017

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Austria confirms find of tainted egg products

VIENNA, Austria - Austria on Monday became the latest European country to confirm that it has found the insecticide fipronil in egg products imported from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

15 Aug 2017

#CSIMonth: An opportunity to use commercial enterprises to ensure global food security

President and CEO of AGT Foods, Murad Al-Katib was recently named EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 for his success in building a business empire focused on providing vegetable protein to the developing world, but also for helping to feed refugees. We chat to Al-Katib about his win, entrepreneurship and feeding the world.

By Cari Coetzee 18 Jul 2017

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