4 March 2010
Design Indaba 2010 | Special Edition Newsletter

A most memorable Design Indaba

Congratulations to Ravi Naidoo and his team for yet another inspiring Design Indaba! In the words of Herman Manson, part of the editorial team at this year's conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre last week, the 2010 event may be the most memorable to date and, as online media partner, we were there to cover it all, from the launch on The Blue Train to the Martha Stewart walkout, not to mention the fingerprinting fiasco and the 'insane' party on Thursday night.

We have articles, in-depth interviews, blog posts, galleries and videos - and our latest innovation, the Bizcommunity twitterfall, which showcases Design Indaba tweets. Supplied by Project Central and viewable online by those not at Design Indaba, this frosted suspended screen had a starring role in the #martha twitcom and continues to allow everyone to access what is being written/blogged/tweeted about this annual festival of design creativity.

My heartfelt thanks go to the entire Bizcommunity team - in-house, freelancers and partners - for all your hard work in putting this coverage together.

Bring on Design Indaba 2011!
Simone Puterman
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PS Don't forget to check our special Design Indaba section for further updates.
Run-up to Design Indaba

[Design Indaba conf] OMG, Martha's coming to Bierut!
[Herman Manson] The local creative industry was in standby mode by last Wednesday morning, 24 February 2010, when Design Indaba kicked off at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (running 24-26 February). The Indaba conference promised an insightful, if gruelling, schedule for delegates. Here's a quick look. Read more >>

Biometric security introduced to Design Indaba
[Herman Manson] This year Design Indaba introduced a biometric security system that was saw delegates fingerprinted when they collected their access tags in order to prevent multiple use of single tickets. asked some serious questions. Read more >>

[Design Indaba] Heavy hitters excite the twitterers
[Chris Moerdyk] I drove to the Cape Town CBD last week, Tuesday, 23 February 2010, for the opening of Design Indaba and ended up in the middle of the night on a deserted piece of railway track somewhere between Stellenbosch and Paarl. I learnt a lot that night. Read more >>

Design Indaba conference: day one

[Design Indaba conf] Michael Bierut is a funny guy
[Herman Manson] The opening speaker at the 2010 Design Indaba Conference, the famous graphic designer Michael Bierut, gave a humorous presentation filled with some valuable lessons for graphic designers. The conference opened Wednesday morning, 24 February 2010. Read more >>

[Design Indaba conf] Making our spaces more humane
[Herman Manson] The environments we find ourselves in, especially our urban environments, need to be made more humane. This is the message from three divergent speakers at the first day of the Design Indaba conference, last Wednesday, 24 February 2010. Read more >>

[Design Indaba conf] Designing for change in the public realm
[Terry Levin] Zeitgeist from day one: is it my imagination or is this the pivotal year when Design Indaba content and case studies seem more attainable, not only for designing fun and games, but for the much-needed shifts towards designing for education, designing for wellbeing, designing for the most number of people most effectively, designing new possibilities and new social responsibilities, and even designing new life forms? Read more >>

Design Indaba conference: day two

[Design Indaba conf] Nussbaum talks Designomics
[Herman Manson] Design is already driving the changing world economy. This is the belief of Bruce Nussbaum, a speaker at the Design Indaba conference last Thursday, 25 February 2010. Read more >>

[Design Indaba conf] Overview of day two
[Terry Levin] "From owning to sharing, from stuff to experience," was the phrase coined by Bruce Nussbaum, opening speaker of the second day of the 2010 Allstars Design Indaba at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The quest for the new lifestyle models that design thinking can bring continues... Read more >>

[Design Indaba 2010] "What the....are you doing at my party?!"
[Sindy Peters] The Design Indaba 2010 party organisers, running an hour late, left us standing outside the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town as security assembled the fencing and tried to placate a fairly patient crowd who were beginning to heckle. On eavesdropping, we found out that they were still trying to assemble the all-important bar. Read more >>

Design Indaba conference: day three

[Design Indaba conf] Of most extra-ordinary design
[Herman Manson] The 2010 Design Indaba might turn out to be the most memorable to date. brings you the highlights of the third and final day, Friday, 26 February 2010, as well as Li and Martha. Read more >>

[Design Indaba conf] Overview of day three
[Terry Levin] The last day of the 2010 Design Indaba conference, turned out to be one of highs and lows, which saw standing ovations for three acts, a mass walk out for one and a medical emergency which briefly halted proceedings. The day also saw the tipping the gender scales, with an eclectic lineup of women - well-known Dutch trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, product designer Christien Meindertsma, Chinese fashion designer Han Feng and American entrepreneur Martha Stewart... Read more >>

In-depth interviews with Design Indaba speakers

[Design Indaba] Stefan Bucher: sailing through Cape Town
[Herman Manson] Stefan Bucher, author, graphic designer and the man behind the hugely popular online animation series Daily Monster, was a speaker at the Design Indaba conference this year. Here he talks with about the advantages of staying independent, working with big agencies, and the many possible monsters lurking behind design awards. Read more >>

[Design Indaba] Eames Demetrios: open to every possibility
[Herman Manson] Eames Demetrios created another world to open us to the possibilities of this one. talked to him at the 2010 Design Indaba last week in Cape Town. Read more >>

And then there was Martha...

[Design Indaba conf] Martha Stewart flamed
[Louise Marsland] The always spectacular Design Indaba will this year be remembered, not only for the fabulous speakers such as Harry Pearce, Bruce Nussbaum, Priyush Pandey, Stefan Bucher, Mokena Makeke, etc, but for the worst presentation it's ever hosted - by famous ‘homemaker' Martha Stewart. Who will also now be credited with launching the first local “twitcom”. Read more >>

[Design Indaba conf] Martha Stewart: what went wrong?
[Terry Levin] Sitting in my customary Design Indaba position a few rows from the front, I was not aware of the fact that people were walking out of Martha Stewart's Design Indaba 2010 presentation on Friday, 26 February 2010. I became aware of people beginning to laugh at inappropriate [ie not meant to be funny] moments, especially the lady sitting next to me, but hoped the minor embarrassment for all concerned would soon be over. Read more >>

Other Design Indaba news

Design Indaba encourages African filmmakers, green designers
Design Indaba 2010 encouraged students with awards and exposure to enter the world of design. A showing of a short film and the exposition of the top 10 student designs ensured this South African talent met the world. Read more >>

[Design Indaba] Game on for Wicked Pixels at the Design Indaba - Wicked Pixels (Pty) Ltd
Wicked Pixels and the Design Indaba have had a close relationship for the last four years, with Wicked creating award-winning TV commercials, conference graphics and title sequences for the event. This year, Wicked has thrown their weight behind a fun and beautifully stylised mixed media campaign for event sponsors, Absa. Read more >>

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