#MINI5Door awakens the senses through Layar Augmented Reality

The Design Indaba, recently held in Cape Town, featured a sense-provoking Layar Augmented Reality installation for the new MINI 5-Door Hatch, augmented by Digital Narrative...

Issued by Digital Narrative 16 Mar 2015 12:17

Winners at the Design Indaba Expo 2015

This year, Design Indaba Expo 2015 welcomed a mix of over 600 creatives from across the African continent and a full Events Arena programme hosting local and international designers, authors and artists...

13 Mar 2015 09:25

Stick and AAA make a splash at Design Indaba

Stick sponsored 11 AAA, first-year Copywriting students to the Design Indaba 2015 Conference Simulcast, one of the world's leading forums of creativity and design...

Issued by Stick Communications 9 Mar 2015 10:38

[Design Indaba 2015] The selfie shapes monolithic fashion

"... Me and the beach, me and my food, me and my shoes, me and my boyfriend, me and Li taking lots of selfies." - Li Edelkoort

By Jessica Taylor 2 Mar 2015 08:00

[Design Indaba 2015] On fashion and identity at Design Indaba 2015

The 2015 Design Indaba provided fertile ground for even the most ardent fashionistas and Afrophiles. In this context both topics took on a new importance...

By Terry Levin 2 Mar 2015 11:36

[Design Indaba 2015] The Internet of Things

Over the duration of a three-day conference and accompanying EXPO event, Design Indaba has become known as the platform for the showcasing of the best contemporary examples of made things...

By Terry Levin 2 Mar 2015 12:00

[Design Indaba 2015] Dutch designers talk design inspiration

On the second day of the Design Indaba 2015 conference, KLM's director of communications and corporate identity, Frank Houben, and designer Hella Jongerius spoke through the recent KLM business class redesign...

By Leigh Andrews 2 Mar 2015 11:13

[Design Indaba 2015] The language of William Kentridge

World renowned South African artist William Kentridge presented his performance piece "Refuse the Hour" at the City Hall in Cape Town on 26 & 27 February 2015 as part of the annual Design Indaba week...

By Megan Holt 2 Mar 2015 08:15

[Design Indaba 2015] Conference highlights - Day three

Did the Design Indaba 2015 conference save the best for last? Some say yes, with the audience hanging on every word of presentations by the likes of online video legend Casey Neistat and Israel's music game-changer Yoni Bloch...

By Leigh Andrews 2 Mar 2015 12:14

[Design Indaba 2015] Conference highlights - Day two

From well-known spicy chicken brands and gourmet food trucks to cutting-edge fashion design, collaboration featured strongly (again) on the programme of the second day of the Design Indaba 2015 conference...

By Leigh Andrews 2 Mar 2015 12:13

[Design Indaba 2015] Woolworths offers a taste of its design passion

While it's long had a passion for creativity, Kate Fordyce, Head Agency: Woolworths Marketing tells us exclusively how Woolworths has put design front and centre...

By Leigh Andrews 1 Mar 2015 13:18

[Design Indaba 2015] Conference highlights - Day one

Speakers on day one of the 2015 Design Indaba conference said to look sideways in collaboration and backwards to past design for a successful future...

By Leigh Andrews 28 Feb 2015 12:12

[Design Indaba 2015] Reinventing the wheel and other stories

As the 20th annual Design Indaba Conference gets underway at Cape Town's CTICC, Terry Levin unpacks some of the infinitely inspiring insights presented by the world's leading global thinkers, doers and change-makers.

By Terry Levin 27 Feb 2015 10:15

[Design Indaba 2015] Design Indaba presents Refuse The Hour

Design Indaba presents William Kentridge's Refuse The Hour in February 2015, a collaboration with Philip Miller, Dada Masilo, Catherine Meyburgh and Peter Galison...

26 Feb 2015 08:09

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