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CSI in Africa: challenges and learnings
CSI in Africa: challenges and learnings

One of the panel discussions at the recent Trialogue Making CSI Matter conference was on some of the challenges faced and lessons learnt by corporates, NPOs and NGOs practicing CSI in Africa.

By Danette Breitenbach 10 Jun 2014 15:30

The evolving business model for m-governance

A look at the evolving business model for (mobile governance) m-governance projects and the use of mobile technology as a catalyst for inclusive development.

By Vijay Sai Pratap 27 Mar 2014 14:00

[2013 trends] It is no longer business as usual
[2013 trends] It is no longer business as usual

No matter how slow off the mark, we have all come to the realisation that, no matter what line of business we are in, drastic measures are needed in order for us to not only increase market share but also to survive. It is not, however, all doom and gloom and for those who are embracing innovation and prepared to experiment with new ideas, a lot of opportunity awaits to reconnect with consumers and rise above the negative economic factors.

By Dave Nemeth 30 Jan 2013 10:44

[2013 trends] The year ahead for experiential marketing
[2013 trends] The year ahead for experiential marketing

It's that time of the year where agencies are asked to haul out the old crystal ball and provide pearls of thumb-sucking wisdom. Before we do so, it would be wise to see how history might repeat itself. Reflecting briefly, for experiential marketing, 2012 was quite a year locally and abroad. Oh, and mazeltov on surviving the Mayan apocalypse - it was touch-and-go for a second there.

By Mike Silver 29 Jan 2013 11:18

[2013 trends] A virtuous cycle - appscriptions, augmented, apocalypses and other apt trends
[2013 trends] A virtuous cycle - appscriptions, augmented, apocalypses and other apt trends

The world is more interdependent and interconnected than ever before. Technology is ensuring the free flow of ideas, information and energy; creative co-operation and influence; and is bringing change across the globe that is happening at an unprecedented and accelerated rate.

By Gisèle Wertheim Aymés 25 Jan 2013 12:59

[2013 trends] Predictions for the retail sector
[2013 trends] Predictions for the retail sector

A transformation is in motion amongst shoppers and retailers country-wide. Consumers are becoming more discerning and demanding, and retailers and manufacturers are under pressure to innovate, offer quality and savings - all in one eco-friendly package! Here are some interesting trends for the retail sector that I've identified for 2013.

By Gareth Pearson 23 Jan 2013 12:48

[2013 trends] 'Goodvertising' - the key to brand leadership
[2013 trends] 'Goodvertising' - the key to brand leadership

There's a transformational shift happening and it's picking up pace in the New Year. Business and its far-reaching (some might say overreaching) arm, advertising, are becoming more responsible, more caring and more sustainable.

By Thomas Kolster 22 Jan 2013 10:53

[2013 trends] Eyes front and centre
[2013 trends] Eyes front and centre

How does your brand break through the clutter? If you're in the business of understanding and catering to the evolution of consumer needs, desires and expectations, look front and centre. Here are my predictions for 2013...

By Abey Mokgwatsane 18 Jan 2013 12:05

[2013 trends] Everything's so serious - time we loosened up a little!
[2013 trends] Everything's so serious - time we loosened up a little!

In reviewing the past few years from an events perspective, I'm tempted to ask: "Where did all the fun go?" As both the South African and the international events industries have grown, developed, matured and become increasingly competitive - all within the context of the global economic crisis - I might be forgiven for thinking that the game plan has changed.

By Karen Ashwin 16 Jan 2013 10:40

[2013 trends] Social media marketing and the youth
[2013 trends] Social media marketing and the youth

The following is a breakdown of social media marketing trends for 2013.This year I take a look at both external (the youth market) and internal (business marketing efforts) trends that I predict will play a crucial role in further cementing the role of social media marketing in the overall marketing strategies for most brands and businesses seeking to effectively engage the youth market through social media platforms.

By Bradley Maseko 15 Jan 2013 01:02

Media houses fail to popularise national anthem
Media houses fail to popularise national anthem

Media owners and managers in Uganda have been asked to popularise the national anthem on a daily basis, as part of preparations to mark Uganda's golden jubilee independence anniversary on Tuesday, 9 October 2012.

By Walter Wafula 8 Oct 2012 10:02

Five lessons brands can learn from Kony 2012

Kony 2012 has undoubtedly become one of the most successful social media-driven marketing campaigns to date, primarily because the public doesn't seem to look at it as a marketing campaign at all. If brands and their causes really do want to compete with Kony 2012, they will have to bear a few important things in mind.

By Maja Rode 14 Mar 2012 11:12

Building brands, driving sales - and doing good

Do you have a favourite example of how marketing can have a positive impact on the world? I never hesitate when I'm asked that question: the Outsurance pointspeople. Social good meets brand awareness and affinity: it's a win-win situation.

By Sarah Britten 7 Mar 2012 14:51

[Design Indaba 2012] Where it's at
[Design Indaba 2012] Where it's at

Cape Town is gearing up to host one of the world's premier design conferences - the 2012 Design Indaba. Design Indaba regular and Pentagram partner Michael Bierut will MC this years' event alongside Michelle Constant and Khaya Dlanga. The conference takes place 29 February-March 2012 at the CTICC and the expo (which is open to the general public) takes place 2-4 March 2012.

By Herman Manson 24 Feb 2012 11:35

[2012 trends] Been there, done that, now let's get really smart!
[2012 trends] Been there, done that, now let's get really smart!

Thanks to our preference for face-to-face interpersonal communications, meetings, events and marketing activations enjoy pride of place as fabulous marketing tools. However, we also know that great events cost. The heat is on to ensure that events deliver serious marketing and financial results - and that clients are assured of their incomparable experiential value, especially when paired with the latest trends and technology!

By Karen Ashwin 12 Jan 2012 12:24

Human dev should top corporate agenda, says corp VP at Microsoft
Human dev should top corporate agenda, says corp VP at Microsoft

The revolutions that have been sparked in the Middle East since the start of the year may have faded in the minds of many Western media consumers but it was still very much on the minds of local speakers at the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region Microsoft Advertising Imagine Istanbul 2011 conference that took place last week in Istanbul, Turkey.

By Herman Manson 7 Nov 2011 15:15

Communication advocates consensus, democracy, development, delivery

Communication can facilitate and accelerate development by encouraging and consolidating dialogue, debate and consensus, which ultimately strengthen democracy, development and delivery. Furthermore, it can give a voice to the poorest masses, thus enabling them to articulate their own development challenges, opportunities and aspirations.

By Thabani Khumalo 4 Nov 2011 13:05

The true story of Bizcommunity lies in the numbers -
The true story of Bizcommunity lies in the numbers

Since its inception a decade ago,'s subscriber base to its popular newsletters has grown to 241 000 subscriptions across Marketing & Media South Africa and Africa, Retail and Medical. Subscriptions to the new portals before the launch last week were already in the tens of thousands without any active marketing - the power of content.

By Robin Parker, Issued by 26 Sep 2011 14:10

Journos train to report on non-communicable diseases

Thirty journalists from across Malawi grouped together in Salima where they are undergoing training in reporting on diabetes and non-communicable diseases (NCD).

By Gregory Gondwe 26 Sep 2011 09:31

MultiChoice Malawi celebrates African Day

The MultiChoice Malawi on Wednesday 25 May 2011 celebrated the African Day in Lilongwe where guests were treated to different African dishes at Cross-Roads Hotel.

By Gregory Gondwe 26 May 2011 08:01

Green leadership: what consumers expect from media

In an industry prone to sensationalism, hearsay journalism, reporting keener on settling scores than informing, pathetic wages, mass exodus of skills and lack of ongoing training, environmental reporting in Africa is almost non-existent. Some believe African media's indifference towards green issues constitutes an affront to impoverished populations that pin their hopes on newsrooms to hold profit-obsessed businesses to account for hurting the planet.

By Issa Sikiti da Silva 8 Jul 2010 12:01

[Design Indaba conf] Of most extra-ordinary design
[Design Indaba conf] Of most extra-ordinary design

The 2010 Design Indaba might turn out to be the most memorable to date. brings you the highlights of the third and final day, as well as Li and Martha. [view twitterfall]

By Herman Manson 1 Mar 2010 13:25

Will the sponsors score in 2010?
Will the sponsors score in 2010?

With just over 100 days to go to the kickoff of the world's biggest media event, global eyeballs are likely to be trained onto the battlefield of brands before they switch to the football pitch. Having invested up to US$100m for the privilege of associating their brand with the FIFA World Cup, what returns can sponsors expect and what are the benchmarks for winning the world cup of branding in 2010?

By Dr Nikolaus Eberl 1 Feb 2010 10:46

Kenya Airways to participate in EU environment trading scheme

Kenya's national airline, Kenya Airways has been approved by the United Kingdom (UK) Environment Agency to participate in the European Union Environmental Management Program, through a legally binding initiative known as the European Union Environment Trading Scheme (EU-ETS).

By Carole Kimutai 26 Jan 2010 09:39

East Africa CSR Awards scheduled for May

The first East African CSR Awards in partnership with the East African Business Council (EABC), will be launched and open for entries on 15 February 2010. The awards will take place on the evening of 5 May 2010 during the World Economic Forum Africa in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

By Carole Kimutai 20 Jan 2010 09:44

Partnership boosts Jet Community Awards
Partnership boosts Jet Community Awards

Free-to-air TV station this year joined forces with Edcon Group to take the seven-year-old Jet Community Awards to another level - to create awareness around community projects participation and give exposure to those who are working hard under difficult conditions to improve the lives of ‘forgotten' people living in socially-disadvantaged areas of Southern Africa.

By Issa Sikiti da Silva 5 Nov 2009 08:20

The head, heart and hand of branding
The head, heart and hand of branding

The brand new world created by globalisation, informed citizenry and consumer's demand for brand experience presents a challenge for global brands to balance their aggressive marketing campaigns with social responsibility.

By Thabani Khumalo 15 Oct 2009 11:45

EABL to launch CSI program

East Africa Breweries (EABL), through its corporate social investment division - EABL Foundation, has confirmed plans to step up environmental promotion and awareness programs in four East African countries.

By Carole Kimutai 8 Oct 2009 07:26

Choosing the right CSR strategy for your company

Many buckets of ink have been spilled on how important it is to have corporate social responsibility (CSR) such that companies are falling over themselves rushing to start their own CSR project before their rivals do.

By Titus Kaloki 15 Sep 2009 08:38

Kenyan companies awarded for CSR initiatives

The first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Kenya Awards will be held in June 2010. Companies will be awarded for outstanding, innovative and world-class products, services and projects that create a high social and environmental benefit for the community and the business.

By Carole Kimutai 29 Jul 2009 12:24

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