Jawbone Management

JAWBONE MANAGEMENT  is a compact and potent event management company specializing in both classical eventing, fresh innovative below the line activation, and much more!

CONCEPTUALISE  Every great concept, starts with an idea. At Jawbone we place a great deal of emphasis on guiding clients through this process.

ACTIVATE  Activations range from below the line activations; including mall and in store promotions , product launches as well us other functions and events. We will ensure that your brand engages within the target market and will translate to sales.

MANAGE  Management is key to any event and this is where we offer a comprehensive service, guaranteed. Our management services range from over seeing the smooth running of an event on a purely management level to the coordination and conducting road show or event running through out the year.



Type of company: Below the line agency
Primary business: Exhibitions and Events
Services: Events Management, Exhibition design, Exhibition Organiser, Sponsorship Management, Activation Solutions
Employees: 3
Web address: www.jawbone.co.za

Durban branch
Contact: Jade Matthews
Cell: +27 76 107 0108
Physical address:87 Salisbury Avenue
(South Africa)
Gauteng branch
Contact: Jade Matthews
Cell: +27 76 107 0108
Physical address:14 4th Avenue South
(South Africa)

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