Allinone Solutions

ALLINONE Solutions (AIOS) is a South African telecoms installation company with distribution support, specializing in the supply and install of, management and distribution of data, communication, aerial, telephone, electrical, mining, solar and structured cables with all supported components and accessories. We target dedicated Private, Networking, Corporate, Telecom Service Providers.
Type of company: Installation / Maintenance
Primary business: Data Networks, Server Rooms and RF installations
Services: Networking installation, Full on Support, RF Solutions, Security Solutions, Distribution Solutions
Contact:Durell Feldman
Tel:+2711 493 6748
Fax:+2786 659 8397
Cell:+2776 790 9862
Physical address: No6 Simmonds Southway Rd, Park Central, Selby, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2001

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