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AdMarula is South Africa’s premium performance marketing network. We offer Advertisers, Publishers and Agencies access to a transparent online affiliate network and the opportunity to increase revenue through CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM and hybrid campaigns. Through our secure interfaces, clients and publishers have 24hr access to real-time statistics on how their campaigns are performing, statistics on top performing products, payments or earnings to date, and much more.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. For example, an advertiser runs an affiliate program to sell electronics online, and offers to pay 15% commission to the affiliate for each sale.

An affiliate network facilitates this process by:

a) providing a system and marketplace that connects online advertisers and publishers, and

b) assisting with the tracking, management and administration of affiliate programs.

One of the benefits of working with AdMarula, is that your campaign is spread across several affiliate sites, blogs and forums as opposed to just one website. This means more exposure to the right audience = better results.

Quality control

Each publisher in our network is manually screened and
approved. In addition, our advanced fraud control system will automatically
find and deny any fraudulent traffic – all to ensure your brand (as well as
ours) is protected and that you don’t pay for poor quality traffic.

Type of company: Performance Marketing and Affiliate Network
Primary business: CPM, CPC, CPL and CPA marketing
Services: Online Advertising, Online Marketing, Cost-per-click campaigns, Cost-per-lead campaigns, Cost-per-acquisition campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Programs
Employees: 6
Contact:Lico Gross
Tel:+27 21 468 4386
Web address:www.admarula.com
Physical address: 56 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8000
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