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Jennifer Bouwer™
Newest flavour from Stimorol
I have written a blog based on Stimorol and their latest marketing techniques!
Check it out here
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 20:07
wilma krige
wilma krige
Corrupt officials - 100 convictions sought
You talk about corruption. President Zuma is trying to get out of paying money back in respect of Nkandla. I have been working for the Government and so does he. If someone made a mistake and you received money or benefits that you are not entitled to, the money is simply deducted from your salary on monthly installments. So how can he say I did not asked for it, and therefore I am not paying back any money. Any other Government official does not have a say, it is simply deducted.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 18:22
Marcio Quintal
Marcio Quintal
It's all in the logo
Nice article. Very relevant considering all the re-branding being done by big brands and companies.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 16:24
Marcio Quintal
Marcio Quintal
New look for SABC3
Will all three of the local SABC channels be re-branded? How does this re-branding align itself with the current SABC identity?
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 16:15
Marcio Quintal
Marcio Quintal
New logos for Primedia Broadcasting brands
Great question! Was sufficient research conducted? Were the logos evaluated in terms of meaning, particularly in relation to the brands they represent. The message is quite clear with the logos of 702 and Cape Talk, but for me the big concern is EWN. Apart from the web 2.0 button style aesthetics applied to the logo the 'E' has been represented by three horizontal lines that look very much like the menu button used by most mobile websites. My concern is that the conceptual idea risks ambiguity. One might argue that this is an established brand people will recognize. Even though this is a well established brand, they are attempting to present a new, possibly modern, brand image. Unfortunately this may be at the expense of maintaining clear brand name communication. When I view this logo out of context I don't see the acronym clearly.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 16:00
The Loeries - where brands and creativity meet

Why do to of the biggest FMCG brand houses have so much interest in the Loeries?

These two institutions remove any creative relevance from their work and substitute it with Millwood Brown research stats and then wonder why they aren't winning awards?

Then on top of that, most... not all work represented at Loeries are not created from "LIVE" briefs, but edge on the side of proactive work, because the real briefs are written by those very like-minded FMCG houses that are now sponsoring the event...

Something isn't right here...

This tactic smells like they are trying to manipulate the industry to producing their type of work, hence the two new categories.

The Loeries should stay independent from big brand sponsorship.

We are doing the industry a disservice by welcoming the wolves into our space.

it will only lead to bad things in my opinion.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 15:28
Pat Pughe-Parry
Pat Pughe-Parry
The meme that took a bite out of Apple
For a change it wasn't a woman being ripped to pieces about her looks, her weight or her fashion sense.
Posted on 15 Sep 2014 14:48
SMS is a good fit for mobile marketers
Dear - Voice Broadcast is much more effective than Bulk SMS in that voice requires no level of literacy than SMS.

You still have quite a large number of people in Rural areas in South Africa and Africa that can't read or write but can pick up their phone calls and listen to a broadcast voice message.

So, yes, I agree with you that SMS is better than IM but Voice is even much better.
Posted on 14 Sep 2014 09:50
hannah freeman
kykNET Fiëstas 2013 celebrates top Afrikaans theatre
His achievement is really inspirational and it motivates me to continue my learning as student of fashion, acting and modeling from a known talent agency in Atlanta.. This totally gives me strong minds about my career.
Posted on 13 Sep 2014 14:25
Mbongeleni Hlomuka
Mbongeleni Hlomuka
Customisation - for the big boys it's the best thing since sliced bread
Thanks for the comment Bob and sorry for the delayed response.

That's the great thing about customisation in the QSR industry, there can be everything for everyone. Whether you on low-carb, a vegitarian, lactose-intolerant or any other form of special diet, everyone is accomodated. There's a flip side to the story though, if everyone can get whatever they like and however they like, wont this cause more traffic in QSR restaurants i.e. less home cooking ('healthy food') and as a result a 'fatter SA'? I mean is this not also one reason that encourages obesity in the US and the UK? Just thinking out loud, I still can't wait to build my own burger on home soil!
Posted on 13 Sep 2014 13:59
Wilburn Weston
Wilburn Weston
The dirty truth about the UK's least-loved chores
These figures clearly specifies that our house, windows, air ducts, rugs are needed to be clean in regular basis. Cleaning them in regular intervals creates a healthy environment. This is the reason why my friend and I've have hired Denver carpet cleaning professionals to look behind all our house cleanness.
Posted on 13 Sep 2014 07:29
[NewsMaker] James Burton
Posted on 13 Sep 2014 02:07
lavanya mutyala
lavanya mutyala
JB Marks Education Trust receives sponsorship for 2013 awards
Requesting for Educational sponsorship to continue my B-tech ECE .
Dear, Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter in request of educational sponsorship in order to cover related costs and expenditures. I am attending the B-Tech ECE Branch at Gudlavalleru Engineering Collage , Gudlavalleru , Andhrapradesh ,India . I am also enrolling as A grade 12 graduate with 97% student and I reside in Gudlavalleru village ,Andhrapradesh.

Furthermore, I have realized that it is time for me to further my education. I feel that I should prepare myself for when I go to Collage that I will not drop out because of lack of educational knowledge. I choose to keep my educational learning habits up by finishing this course.

As a career choice, I look forward to becoming a Qualified Electronics Engineer As My group ECE .

However, without the B-tech ECE program, this goal is not possible. Therefore, with your assistance I will be able to achieve future goals.

Serious consideration of my request would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

If required any ID Proof details from my educational Qualification , I will submit it ASAP..

Mutyala Lavanya .
Email :
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 17:54
creative PitchDoctor
Loved the Ad more than I loved the Chicken... Well done to agency! - Colin Morris
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 17:00
Kobus Rudolph
Kobus Rudolph
Making the MOST of education in the media industry
Talking about media training... more specific radio... with very little training available in South Africa. In all my years at the SABC there was no training. The only training was on-air - jump in and swim. It is now thirty years later. Every day we hear about "Skills" and that SA can't lose those skills. We are busy establishing radio courses - from managing, presenting,production, technical, advertising and scriptwriting. But oh boy.. the politics and processes to get accredited!! But we will get there. And as you say.. where are the people.. the senior people with the experience and knowledge?
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 13:37
Marc Hugo
Marc Hugo
U2's new album free on iTunes
Good. Thanks for the heads-up. Now I can avoid downloading it by mistake and having to listen to that bunch of puritanical hypocrites.
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 12:34
Marc Hugo
Marc Hugo
Sports federations sign transformaton agreements
If you pay the piper you can call a tune..... yes, "a" tune and not necessarily 'the' tune. It depends how much you pay - and so it applies to Mbalula's and the ANC cadre's transformation agenda. For all those sports that get taxpayer's cash to fund their sports in various ways, this political interference will be tolerated. However, if there's no cash forthcoming, and in advance to boot, they can kiss goodbye to calling any and all shots.
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 12:29
Seriane Morapeli
Seriane Morapeli
Why your brand shouldn't act like an Arctic ground squirrel
Good points made Hilton & the use of the metaphor made it so much clearer. But what happens with cold and flu brands that do not quite have much to say during warmer months
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 09:51
Seriane Morapeli
Seriane Morapeli
What is your brand's social identity?
Interesting article Louise. This is a manner of being distinct from competitors but many brands would find it difficult to be original when presenting their social identity, more so similar brands. Engaging consumers requires captivating content that appeals to them each time, meaning constant research regarding their interests is essential to remain distinct
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 09:41
Sofía Santucho
Sofía Santucho
Blind ad networks: now you see!
I want to share my experience in using ad networks. I discovered adtomatik and it was the first service I used of this type and got the best results that I could ever imagine.
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 01:29
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