Steve Claim
Traffic Live Winter Fashion Show
Posted on 25 Jun 2018 12:04
Brian Carr
Health department expects to be sued over proposed NHI changes
it is Governments responsibility to take care of those that cannot afford medical treatment. And for those that can afford medical treatment must surely be entitled to make their own choices from those that offer the best deals. The Minister should be ashamed to see how Govt hospitals are performing. He has lost control and now wants the private sector to comply and to finance the mess.
Posted on 25 Jun 2018 11:33
Fanie Brink
Fanie Brink
Food Security: AgriSA supports low food inflation
Monetary policy can hardly curb prices which are determined by the market forces of supply and demand but to have any influence on prices that are controlled and administered by the government such as fuel prices and electricity tariffs is totally impossible!
Posted on 24 Jun 2018 10:29
Fanie Brink
Fanie Brink
How far can a company slash wages and benefits to maximise profits? ConCourt will decide
The fact that the Constitutional Court must decide whether "an employer is allowed to slash salaries and benefits in order to maximise profits and to dismiss employees who refuse the change in work conditions" touches the heart of how economic growth can be created as it is worldwide accepted that growth is driven by the profit margin except in a very few countries that still believe that growth can be created in a communist/socialist economic system which was rejected many years ago. If the Constitutional Court should decide in favour of the labour union, then it must be accepted that the country has finally collapsed into a communist and legal state which will be the last straw on the camel's back that will finally destroy all economic growth and international investment in the country!
Posted on 24 Jun 2018 10:05
Brave Heart
Brave Heart
Social media for financial services: all the good and none of the bad
Social media for a better choice of the loan services online is a good idea. It is great that one can ask people who have already used financial services for advice online. Personally I have been waiting to use the help of online lending parties a long time ago. Yet I still needed some advice from the actual people who used it. I have found the online fast loans reviews at in the Net and I now know what is the safest and fastest way to loan money online.
Posted on 23 Jun 2018 19:05
Godfrey Mongwe
Godfrey Mongwe
Construction is leaving a legacy of destruction - it's time to address the mess
Unfortunately, this is reality. I myself have worked for a construction company and I have witnessed most of this issue mentioned in this article while in Ghana 10 years ago. It all boils back to training & skills development. Most of these small contractors do not have property construction & project management skills to execute this kind of work.
Posted on 21 Jun 2018 12:56
Ritu Gupta
Ritu Gupta
Warehouse-in-a-Box to enhance pharmaceutical distribution network
In the supply chain network, it's important to have enough points of storage across the distribution channels so that you are able to speed up the time that it takes for your product to get to your delivery point. If you've got enough items in storage at the closest warehouse to your customer, the faster you can deliver your product and the happier your customers are really going to be! That's the best solution you can hope for isn't it?
Posted on 18 Jun 2018 07:06
Ndaxola Samuel Nkalashe
Khayelitsha-born gin brand awarded R100,000 'Gin Business Bursary'
Hi we are Jazz in the Native Yards gathering jazz lovers in Gugulethu Langa and Khayelitsha. We would like to have Mayine as a partner. How do we get hold of them
Posted on 15 Jun 2018 12:23
I need new CRM Software! Any Suggestions???
Get GeoCRM to manage your clients and leads from mobile and web platform is an all in one tool
Posted on 13 Jun 2018 16:26
Gift Afrika
DNA Brand Architects wins prestigious 2018 Gold Quill Award for Steers
Bravo! DNA Brand Architects you're kicking butt left, right & global! Truly inspiring!
Posted on 12 Jun 2018 11:30
Litha Gogela
Litha Gogela
#FairnessFirst: All you need to know to #unstereotype advertising
First thing that needs to happen, especially in a country like South Africa, is the diversifying of media, marketing and advertising space. We need diversity along race, background, gender, orientation etc. There needs to be a concerted effort on all fronts to bring this about.
Posted on 12 Jun 2018 10:32
Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
Office design features for optimum inspiration and productivity
I don't really understand how one could make an environment influence creativity, but I guess that's why I run a removals company rather than a creative one. I'm sure that all of these big art, design and marketing companies have a formula of sorts to keep all their creative directors juiced up with ideas and things. For me, I'll stick to hard work and muscle in house removals, thank you!
Posted on 12 Jun 2018 06:13
Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
Solving the human connection disconnect with the office of the future
I've helped a couple of companies with removals into a co-working space and while the concept is very much different and radical, it really seems to work very well for these start-ups. The proximity to other businesses in the same industry that have opted to move into such spaces has led to a lot of the companies hooking up. And where there is collaboration, there are ideas and innovations! It's a veritable think-tank!
Posted on 12 Jun 2018 05:53
Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
Facebook Africa's new forward-looking office space
For big firms like Facebook and all the big tech giants especially, I think that there's a very big level of expectation when it comes to viewing their new facilities. Everybody expects their new office to be just as flashy as the work that they do. I can imagine that excitement of the office movers at being able to catch a glimpse of these campuses that everybody always talks about! I would love to be a part of some of these big moves sometime in the future myself...
Posted on 11 Jun 2018 07:27
Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
How to make your office more eco-friendly
I think that a lot of companies in this day and age are actually very aware of the importance of having to keep their companies sustainable - not just because it helps them to save money, but because of the way that it portrays their business image to clients and customers. It would make sense for some to look at office removals to a more efficient and sustainable building if it's in line with their business portfolio in some cases even!
Posted on 11 Jun 2018 07:04
Marcio Wilges
Marcio Wilges
Heading back to the office? Bring these plants with you to fight formaldehyde (and other nasties)
I've heard from a couple of my home removals clients that having indoor plants is a very trendy thing to do right now! I'm not quite sure about that in my own household though. I'm pretty sure that any plants in any sort of storage container in my home would end up dead, no matter the actual level of care that they may need. And I'm pretty sure that dead plants will probably do more harm to my home than the formaldehyde too! Haha!
Posted on 11 Jun 2018 06:49
ArivuPro Academy
ArivuPro Academy
Breaking the mould on traditional CA job options
Quite an insightful article on what the job market has in store for Chartered Accountants - CAs.. Good Read!
Posted on 10 Jun 2018 20:02
AOL Desktop Download
Application Design for Mobile?
AOL Desktop Gold Software considered as the best software application. AOL also has AIM messenger where users can get in touch with their known ones through chatting. Webmail and emails are other crucial features of AOL Desktop Gold.
Posted on 7 Jun 2018 18:53
How to balls-up a brand with blatant misogyny (Updated)
Oh, STFU you self-righteous ilk of the professionally-offended class. It's your deluded radical faux outrage that gets idiots like Trump elected, because people are tired of this politically-correct B.S. People are tired of having to watch every pronoun they use because some idiot, somewhere, finds it offensive.Only those in the most privileged societies in the world can complain about their lack of privilege and how the whole damned world is out to get them. Meanwhile, elsewhere, people are actually working to feed themselves instead of obsessing over what slight may have hurt them in their hurty place.Two years ago, Vale Bru wasn't a thing to the commonfolk. Now you are discussing it on a national website, and making everyone all the more aware of it. Thanks to you, I will make sure to buy a case of the stuff to support those who aren't to afraid to actually have some balls, while you natter about in the corner about a balls-up (wait, did you just use a part of the male anatomy to describe a disaster--oooh, I'm so offended).While you're at it, look up the word misogyny--it may not mean what you think it means.
Posted on 7 Jun 2018 14:05
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