Kathleen Rueb
Kathleen Rueb
Gavin Krenski awarded Loeries Marketing Leadership and Innovation Award
As a matter of fact the level of employee productivity is a very keen aspect to the optimal and top level production in a firm. This is due to the fact that it is the same productivity that goes a long way in determining the level of success for a particular firm, company or even organization. However, it is usually common and evident in some cases that the level of production may not be as desired or expected. In such cases or instances it therefore calls for specific formulations and strategies so as to try and make some improvement on the productivity of a firm.
In most of the cases, these strategies are known to originate or come from the helm or top most authority in the organization. These are usually strategies that are formulated and laid down by the top most executive individuals in a firm. Depending on the type of firm and the policies of the firm, the strategies that individual managers may choose to come up with may greatly vary and portray a great deal of diversity.
One leadership strategy that can be employed so as to boost the level of production can be giving incentives and special treatment to individuals who portray good and quality work. In most cases, such incentives can include giving those promotions, awards of recognition or even giving them some special allowances. In some cases it may be viewed as bias but in real sense it is one factor that really tends to promote and increase the last level of employee motivation. Once highly motivated, they will work harder than before which will in turn see their productivity on the rise.
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Posted on 13 Oct 2015 08:50
Eric Bosloor
Eric Bosloor
Investec builds stake in Sydney
There are a lot of plans in storage for this are in Sydney aren't there! Seems like there's a lot of movers and shakers coming in to this part of town!
Posted on 13 Oct 2015 07:57
Eric Bosloor
Eric Bosloor
[Loeries 2015] Sydney Mbhele on the impact of creativity in business
I personally think that people hold their creativity locked away in storage, and it just takes the right situation and circumstances for all that juice to be released! And we need good ideas to keep moving forward, so we should do our best to encourage more people to tap on their resources!
Posted on 13 Oct 2015 07:19
carl wilson
How to make your digital marketing strategy easy to manage
I almost use various reliable marketing resources.. the last one I am used is the direct mail services through various prints formats like of postcards from this source http://www.digitekprinting.com/postcards.
Posted on 13 Oct 2015 05:22
carl wilson
[2013 trends] 'Goodvertising' - the key to brand leadership
To have a better and quality yet affordable and reliable advertising, you must both use various strategy for marketing, though maybe tougher to take any action because of possible risk, but that is indeed a brainless advertising thoughts. Today, there are many ways that you can consider.. try this new idea at http://www.digitekprinting.com/digital-black-white-copies, so you get more advertising aspects.
Posted on 13 Oct 2015 05:01
carl wilson
How Daily Maverick made digital display ads work
Despite the emerging market for digital advertising, print media stills holds its idealism for promoting businesses. Print media is competitive among other resources specially in places where technology is hardly reach. If combined however, it will produce good and quality impact. This http://www.digitekprinting.com/digital-copy-center is one of the printing business that handles both digital and print media for many of its clients.
Posted on 13 Oct 2015 04:51
Gordon Hall
Gordon Hall
On special... yeah right!
Slightly off topic, I know, but the truth is that there are very few real bargains. In most instances, today's SPECIAL is actually yesterday's normal price because the manufacturer / distributor increased the price last night.
Posted on 12 Oct 2015 17:48
carl wilson
Loerie Creative Advertising Awards
One of the prestigious advertising recognition awards that many businesses are dying to be part of it. If this site http://www.digitekprinting.com/ could be a member of this award giving body fr print advertising, surely it gains many awards.
Posted on 12 Oct 2015 15:39
Gordon Barker
Gordon Barker
Private broadcasting the solution for internal communications
Cheaper to live stream than use the DSTV channel www.epnet.co.za
Posted on 12 Oct 2015 14:27
Kathleen Rueb
Kathleen Rueb
Malawian journalists dominate 2015 SADC Media Awards
Great article! I really like it!

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Posted on 12 Oct 2015 13:29
Tina Gonsalez
Tina Gonsalez
The ADHD generation
I agree with you, Gordon. One cannot underestimate the advantages of technology progress. It not only changed the way we communicate, it influenced dramatically the way our business function. Online writing services such as www.writemyessayfast.org would probably never exist.
Posted on 12 Oct 2015 09:57
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Work Integrated Learning essential for job seekers to succeed in a developing economy
• While creating a financial plan an entrepreneur should divide his financial life into six categories namely assets, liabilities, property and casualty risk (house, car, personal injury etc.), personal risk (life, health, disability etc.), education and retirement. It is equally important to put an approximate amount in each of the categories. You should have thought about the tentative expenditure beforehand. Consulting other business men with business experience is a very good idea in this regard.
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Posted on 12 Oct 2015 08:27
Journalism or bust! How to get writing work in tricky times
This is a wonderful tips on the writing, Even my problem is that i am not get adjust with the time when i write the paper
Posted on 10 Oct 2015 08:40
Mark Knott
Mark Knott
FETWater Sustainability: Alignment with sector occupational and professional requirements is key
I think everybody should improve the skills and knowledge. And with opportunities which we have nowadays it's easy. As for me for example, I read the books from this list http://www.emergingedtech.com/2015/07/5-must-read-ed-tech-books-professional-development/ for my professional development. And I think, people who work at the water sector also should improve their qualification.
Posted on 9 Oct 2015 09:59
jenny Rocks
jenny Rocks
Digital education gets smart with personalised learning paths
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Posted on 9 Oct 2015 08:54
Second annual Dental Africa Exhibition and Conference in Lagos
Placidway offers very good access to doctors and prices to match anyone: dental holiday packages
Posted on 8 Oct 2015 15:48
Leonard Harris
Digital education gets smart with personalised learning paths
Online education is becoming more and more popular among students. It gives them a chance to get their degree and work improving their professional skills. But there are some minor challenges when they are getting educated online and work. These challenges are connected with the lack of time. I read the article on https://www.change.org/p/public-college-presidents-in-the-u-s-approve-the-use-of-essay-writing-services-in-their-institutions and came to conclusion that writing services are good for such cases.
Posted on 8 Oct 2015 11:26
Jay Clark
Jay Clark
Would you sit next to you at a dinner party?
Well said, great read.
Posted on 7 Oct 2015 15:58
vhutali ngwana
Why promotional branded t-shirts make good pyjamas...
this is a great read. i always wonder why people give out t-shirt as promotional, i mean kike you noted, why would i want to go to dinner or mall wearing a promo t.. but also it depends on the target market, who is being targeted and what is the aim behind it.
Posted on 7 Oct 2015 13:37
[Orchids & Onions] The 'Poster Vigilante' will leave this billboard alone
I have to point that the target market of Twisp is obviously smokers. The brand has been around for some time, so smokers will be aware of it. Therefor the teaser was not wasted on them. Have you ever seen a drop dead beautiful woman smoking a fat Havana? I find it very sexy!
Posted on 7 Oct 2015 12:07
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