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This is the communal blog of Jenny Glover and Brent Singer, joint ECDs at Net#work BBDO who are off to Cannes Lions 2013. Together, the two have won five Gold Lions (four of those being Campaign Lions) and one Cannes Grand Prix in their four years of working together. Throughout the festival, they will bring regular updates on what's happening, as well as the overall feel at Cannes.

[Cannes Lions 2013] Back pats and fist pumps for SA

20 Jun 2013 17:54:00
Jenny Glover: Last night, Wednesday, 19 June 2013, the tanned and white-toothed festival MC and his two anorexic stage-poppies handed out a good stash of Radio, Print and Design Lions. 

In Radio, South Africa took home our first two Golds of the festival and I can't deny that I'm very chuffed to report that they were for Net#work's 'Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-owned' campaign. Well flipping done to the team Lillian and Hamish (names have been changed to ward off poachers). We also picked up a wee campaign Bronze for 'Distance to Danger' - also for our brilliant client at Mercedes-Benz. 

More Bronzes went to TBWA and FoxP2 while Hava picked up a well-deserved Silver for its Strepsils work. Back pats and fist pumps all round. 

The Radio Grand Prix went to, wait for it, 'Dumb Ways to Die', the brilliantly annoying song for Metro. This work made me want to kill myself using one of the many suggestions provided in the lyrics but also filled me with much envy. You can't deny it's a deserving winner. 
In Print, SA picked up a veritable bevy of Silvers. Well done to Y&R, Lowe, TBWA, Black River and yes, Net#work. Otherwise it was a fairly uninspiring category with the world's lamest Grand Prix going to iPad mini. Yawn.  
Based on the successes of the night, things got suitably messy. Hunter S. Thomson would've been well proud. 

Right now I'm still in bed contemplating deep stuff like lunch and whether or not to grow a beard. All the hip creatives have one. Plus, it would hide my double chin. Bonus.

[20 Jun 2013 17:54]

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Om Builders
Om Builders
thank you your website is help full
builder in Bhopal
Posted on 23 Aug 2013 10:23
Danny Cook
Thanks for sharing this. News like this is what keeps me coming back here on your website. It helps me keep up with the latest news.

Jon Hale,
Posted on 31 Jul 2013 07:52
Danny Cook
Thanks for sharing this. News like this is what keeps me coming back here on your website. It helps me keep up with the latest news.

Jon Hale, specialty display
Posted on 31 Jul 2013 07:51
Ralph Higgo
Ralph Higgo
Cool Comment. Pretty profile pic as well.
Posted on 2 Jul 2013 09:42