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There are award shows. And then there’s Cannes…

This is the communal blog of 140 BBDO's Mike Pearson and Ross Nieuwenhuizen, who are off to Cannes Lions after winning one in 2011 for their Snickers "Would You Rather" radio campaign - which also featured at Loeries and D&AD. Throughout this smorgasbord of creativity, Mike and Ross will be updating everyone on what's being said, done and awarded, so follow them on Twitter at @140BBDO and on Facebook.
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[Cannes Lions 2012] Secrets to effective global marketing

22 Jun 2012 13:33:00
Michael Pearson: In true 140BBDO style, this one will be short and sweet. (video)

The French are not easy people, neither is their wireless, so I’ll regale you with some stories quickly and hopefully pop in another update later when I have a more secure connection than ‘PierreDartyBoxF70’.

Yesterday there was no ceremony – the next being TV/Film on Saturday. However, the calibre of speakers was incredible.

In the morning, we had the legendary John Hegarty and his BBH team chatting about global marketing and the different needs it requires compared to regional marketing.

Their outtake? Effective global marketing relies on ‘human truths’, not ‘advertising truths’ – love, friendship, desire etc. are all much more compelling forces than ‘keeps colours 60% brighter.’

Next up we had the doyens of the BBDO network, Greg Hahn, Josy Paul and Paul Brazier talking about TV craft and picking their TV pieces of the year. It's always nice to get insights from the best, and the work they chose was superb. Here are their choices:

Greg Hahn:

Josy Paul:

Paul Brazier:

Tony Granger then gave us a talk on how to enter and win awards – his trick? Volumes. Shedloads of ideas and entries.

Finally, we were lucky enough to have Bill Clinton live on the stage of the Palais. His topic was about how creative thinking can help build equality and solve problems. Now, Clinton is a frighteningly intelligent and eloquent man, his speech covered everything from quantum physics to solar power to social activism. And it was all very, very good. He, in conjunction with his brilliant charity, the Clinton Foundation, believes that the only way to truly save the world is mutual respect and equality - something he believes we in the communications industry can help to achieve…Smart chappie.

On a lighter note, here’s some nice work – the design Grand Prix. This annual report – for an energy company - only revealed itself in sunlight, very nice.

[22 Jun 2012 13:33]

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