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There are award shows. And then there’s Cannes…

This is the communal blog of 140 BBDO's Mike Pearson and Ross Nieuwenhuizen, who are off to Cannes Lions after winning one in 2011 for their Snickers "Would You Rather" radio campaign - which also featured at Loeries and D&AD. Throughout this smorgasbord of creativity, Mike and Ross will be updating everyone on what's being said, done and awarded, so follow them on Twitter at @140BBDO and on Facebook.
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[Cannes Lions 2012] Impi… Nkosi Sike… Shosholoz…

21 Jun 2012 14:01:00
Michael Pearson: It’s been a good year for South Africa, I’m very proud to come from our little corner of the continent. It’s also been lovely to see how we all come together here, a real national team. So, what’s featured heavily from SA?

As I predicted last week, Carling’s ‘Be the Coach’ did pretty well, picking up metal in several categories. To be perfectly honest, I think it was still a little robbed, as it was better than a lot of the stuff that beat it. You can check out the case study here:

Wimpy’s Braille Burger has also tugged on the heartstrings, picking up quite a few things.

As usual, our BBDO cousins in Johannesburg did exceptionally well in radio – with its Mercedes-Benz campaign picking up a gold as well as its Chicken Licken spots getting a bronze. Nice.

Interestingly, Adam Livesey and Matt Brink have clearly wasted no time since taking over at TBWA, with dozens of shortlists and a few wins already under their belt, they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Today, we’ve got the Bill Clinton lecture to look forward to, as well as several other great speakers.

[21 Jun 2012 14:01]

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