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Episode 98: FastCompany SA magazine, The Lean Startup methodology and Buying Cutomers with Brad Suga

Date: 18 Jul 2014
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Episode 97: MTN Business App Awards and measurability of ad campaigns.

Date: 10 Jul 2014
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Episode 96: IAB South Africa – what is coming next?

Date: 4 Jul 2014
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How shopping centres can remain relevant in 2013

Once the recession started to recede, many struggling shopping centres expected consumer spending to pick up. This didn't happen - instead, a new shopping context has emerged in SA with many recessionary shopping patterns having become habitual.

By Honoré Gasa, Issued by Yellowwood Future Architects 28 Jan 2013 09:53

Winner of Car Engineering Challenge 2012 ready for work

The winner of Car Engineering Challenge 2012, engineering graduate Michael Garces de Gois is ready for a career as an automotive engineer with General Motors South Africa. He will join GM's Graduate-in-Training programme that starts in March 2013.

28 Jan 2013 09:45

The Management Bible - Neil Flanagan & Jarvis Finger

What makes The Management Bible special is that all the knowledge you need on management has been encapsulated in one comprehensive, handy volume. The book offers step-by-step solutions to over 300 common management challenges and problems.

Issued by Random House Struik 28 Jan 2013 09:34

FNB stanza firm after ad uproar

NEWSWATCH: FNB has bounced back following its tiff with the ANC over its recent 'You Can Help' advertising campaign with full-page adverts in a number of national newspapers. The adverts are written to look like poetry, reports

By Rod Baker 28 Jan 2013 07:03

Coffee table book pursues Absa Cape Epic ride

Known as the Untamed African Mountain Bike Race, the Absa Cape Epic celebrates its 10th anniversary by the publication of a coffee table, entitled African Epic.

27 Jan 2013 08:48

Midmar Mile offers opportunity for cancer awareness sponsors

The annual endurance swim, the aQuelle Midmar Mile, will offer PinkDrive and its newly launched male campaign MBTM (More Balls Than Most) a platform to raise funds for cancer awareness projects.

26 Jan 2013 08:41

The future of mobile voice

What does it meant to live in a digital world? Well, I guess the reality is that our lives are becoming more and more connected. I often wonder how we ever survived without technology, the internet and social media. How did people organise things, how did they share memories and how did they remember people's birthdays and anniversaries?

By Mark Schefermann 26 Jan 2013 08:36

Walk the talk

In recessionary times, the first thing that is being cut is the marketing budgets, but in reality no business will be sustainable or successful without marketing and the resultant sales. All businesses face the challenge of finding and retaining customers.

By Dr Frances Wright 26 Jan 2013 08:22

[2013 trends] A virtuous cycle - appscriptions, augmented, apocalypses and other apt trends

The world is more interdependent and interconnected than ever before. Technology is ensuring the free flow of ideas, information and energy; creative co-operation and influence; and is bringing change across the globe that is happening at an unprecedented and accelerated rate.

By Gisele Wertheim Aymes 25 Jan 2013 12:59

[2013 trends] From data to honesty, it's getting personal

South Africa is a complicated place - each year outdoes the last in the 'magnitude of change' stakes. And we just know this year will deliver even more surprises. Nonetheless, important trends appeared across the brandscape during 2012. Here I explore the key brand moments of the year just passed, and take a peek at what might be ahead.

By Janice Spark 25 Jan 2013 12:24

The business of corporate social responsibility

Ever since the dawn of the industrial age, debate has raged over whether or not companies carry a responsibility solely to make profit, or whether they have a responsibility to the society from which they generate a profit. As a company in the gaming industry, Tsogo Sun is mandated by our bid commitments to give back to society and the communities in which we operate, but I believe there is much to be said for 'doing good while doing good business', writes Noëleen Bruton*.

25 Jan 2013 12:00

Out with the old and in with the new: the MROC revolutionises the qualitative space!

When it comes to qualitative research, focus groups are probably what you are most familiar with. But when it comes to engaging with LSMs 6-10, who mostly have internet access, this old-school methodology is no longer the best way to capture the thoughts and perceptions of these respondents.

Issued by Columinate 25 Jan 2013 11:59

CAR sees 'that' ad, and does their ad

All revved up and ready to go, CAR decided that what with bank advertising campaigns being top of mind around now, and the ANC blowing their top, what better time to show that when the magazine advertises (on radio this time), it does so on all cylinders...

25 Jan 2013 11:19

[2013 trends] Africa finding its own solutions using mobile tech

There are several key trends that will present themselves in 2013. From m-payments to HIV/AIDS prevention, emerging markets are leading the way when it comes to innovative uses of mobile technology. Marketers, too, are seeing their roles and responsibilities expand.

By Dr KF Lai 25 Jan 2013 10:57

Spreading some cheer in the New Year

The Event Production Company team has kicked off the new year on a positive note by donating five reconditioned computers to Xintimani Communication Warriors, a non-profit organisation taking care of 10 orphans and 50 children of teenage mums who are still attending school.

Issued by The Event Production Company 25 Jan 2013 10:38

Home is where the slyders are

Egg director Terence Neale's latest ad for Chicken Licken Slyders will leave audiences asking, "Please, sir, can I have some more?" The concept for this commercial, devised by Net#work BBDO, involves a gloomy orphanage, a cheery couple, and a delightful twist.

Issued by Egg Films 25 Jan 2013 10:08

Blue Moon's approach to green in 2013

This time last year, Blue Moon's organisational carbon footprint had decreased by 10% from the previous year. This was partly as a result of an internal campaign and related initiatives to be more responsible with their resources and accountable in our business, proving that knowledge really is power - and not necessarily the electrical kind!

Issued by Blue Moon Corporate Communications 25 Jan 2013 09:45

Easy-Up Cost-Effective Gazebo

There's no need to compromise on quality when it comes to the Right Stuff range of gazebos. Their new Easy-Up Cost-Effective Gazebo continues this tradition of high quality outdoor branded products which offer not only superior design and finish, but also competitive pricing, not to mention the ease-of-use.

Issued by Right Stuff 25 Jan 2013 09:41

V&A Waterfront appoints Openfield as commercial sponsorship agency

A new venture begins for Openfield Sponsorship Marketing Consultants who have been appointed as the commercial sponsorship agents for the V&A Waterfront, the South African destination that welcomes millions of local and international visitors annually.

Issued by Openfield 25 Jan 2013 09:06

Some views on the FNB 'You Can Help' campaign

It all started on 9 January 2013, when FNB created an event on Facebook titled "You Can Help" with not much more information than that. From this initial stage they started seeding the URL and at this point there was only a landing page with the functionality to provide your cellphone number to get a reminder for the live broadcast on 17 January 2013.

By Mark Schefermann 25 Jan 2013 08:09

Entries for Your Street Live Challenge close on Monday

Entries for the Your Street Live Challenge close on Monday 28 January 2013. Entrants are encouraged to see the possibilities and potential of their urban spaces, be in touch with the needs of their community, and think creatively to make these spaces smarter, safer, healthier and sustainable for everyone who uses them.

25 Jan 2013 08:05

Critical Mass Jozi targets Hillbrow

Through Critical Mass Jozi, urban cyclists will engage directly with local government and communities on the implementation and construction of bicycle routes in Johannesburg, when around 1,000+ cyclists descend on Hillbrow to take part in a block party with the support of Hillbrow's local community activists.

25 Jan 2013 08:01

Native Nation, reuniting ex-employees

Native co-founder and MD, Jarred Cinman, highlights that globally, best practice organisations are beginning to recognise that an alumni programme will not only improve employer branding but can also serve as a powerful recruiting tool.

25 Jan 2013 07:57

Digital marketing trends 2013 for publishers

At the end of 2012, it's the perfect time for reflection - and at DQ&A Media Group, that means thinking about how strategies took shape, how tactics and techniques were adapted, and of course, how successful they all were. Andries de Jonge, Publisher Consultant and co-owner of DQ&A Media Group, shares his thoughts on 2013...

By Saskia Delfgaauw, Issued by DQ&A Media Group 25 Jan 2013 07:51

Social selling: Sales in the digital era

Many things have changed as a result of social media. The way we share our news, the way we interact, and the way we engage with companies. And now, companies are using social media as an effective way to sell their products. The motivation behind this is simple: the customers are already there, so why not take sales to the customers?

By Ruth Steyn 25 Jan 2013 07:28

ANC to meet FNB on 'that' ad

NEWSWATCH: An ANC delegation is to meet with FNB representatives today at 11am at Luthuli House to discuss First National Bank's 'You Can Help Campaign', reports IOL, which also reports that the Democratic Alliance wants a probe of state adspend in The New Age.

25 Jan 2013 06:34

The job of good content

Good content is at the heart of any content marketing campaign. It's what draws the consumer to your online real estate and keeps them coming back for more. If you want your website, blog or app to lend your website authority, increase sales and draw more leads, you need to make sure your content is top notch. Read on for five things great content will do for your web presence.

By Athar Naser 25 Jan 2013 06:05

Attacking traditional media is not the way to sell digital marketing

For years, digital agencies and publishers have tried to sell the value of their medium by attacking traditional media such as television, print and outdoor. These old-fashioned channels are outdated, we are told; they are irrelevant and taking their last breaths of life in a market that is shifting over to digital platforms.

By Melody Maker 25 Jan 2013 04:05

[2013 trends] Looking ahead at retail, shopper marketing in SA

The following are my thoughts on trends that will emerge in the retail and shopper marketing space in South Africa.

By Bernard Matlhaga 24 Jan 2013 12:54

[2013 trends] Media and advertising regulation in 2013

So here we are in 2013 - the Mayan trend predictions for 2012 having spectacularly failed to materialise, leaving some of us with hangovers and debt that we had secretly hoped would be wiped clean in a Mayan-flavoured apocalypse. Now is the time for us to look into our crystal balls, and see if we can get our predictions for media and advertising regulation a bit more spot-on than the poor Mayans did.

By Gail Schimmel 24 Jan 2013 12:05

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