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U Film It launches video contest

U Film It, an online video contest platform for brands and non-profits that want to create consumer engagement through user-generated videos, photos and text, launched a video contest with the theme 'Peace Through The Screen' which aims on helping spread the word of peace.
The video contest has a mission to:

  • Inspire and motivate Kenyans to participate in the peace-building process for sustainable development and harmonious coexistence in Kenya.
  • To foster national cohesion and peace amongst citizens of Kenya particularly the youth in an interactive and engaging way using everyday tools like mobile phones/cameras and uploading to the web for sharing with family and friends globally.

    It's about the message

    Contestents must create a three-minute video on whatever device is available, either mobile phone or video camera. The quality of the video is not important, the main thing is the message in the video.

    The video you send in will detail the role you will play as a Peace Ambassador for Kenya during the election period. This is a call to define what peace means to you and the acts that accompany peace building, whether it's organising a football match, reciting peace poems/songs, anything that can contribute positively towards the ultimate goal of building country peace.

    Your three-minute video must be uploaded to the U Film It website, whre you can then you can ask your friends and family to watch and vote for your video. Inspirational finalists will be selected by user votes and the final winners will be decided by the U Film It crew.

    The winner will receive Kshs 50 000 in cash. The 2nd place winner will receive Kshs 20 000 in cash. The 3rd place will receive Kshs 15 000. The closing date to submit your entry is 15 November 2012.

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