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Newspapers gain online readers as print lags

WASHINGTON - US daily newspapers gained online readers over the past six months, but not enough to make up for declining print circulation according to data released on Tuesday.
The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) said that in the six months to September, overall circulation -- a measure including both print and digital -- fell 0.2% for dailies but rose 0.6% for Sunday editions.

The group said digital circulation now accounts for 15.3% of newspapers' total circulation, up from 14.2% earlier this year and 9.8% in September last year.

Digital circulation includes tablet and smartphone apps, online replicas, metered or restricted-access websites, or e-reader editions.

The ABC this year began counting both digital and print readers in calculating circulation for the 613 dailies and 528 Sunday newspapers.

Under this system, The Wall Street Journal was the top US daily with 1.5m print editions and 794,000 digital readers, for a total of 2.23m.

That was up 9.4% from a year ago.

USA Today was the top newspaper for print only with a circulation of 1.6m, but with only 86,000 online readers. It was number two overall at 1.7m readers.

The New York Times was number three overall with digital readership of 896,000, and print circulation of 717,000. It was the only major daily where digital readership was higher than print and its total circulation was up 40% over the past year to 1.15m.

The Times last year began charging readers for full access to the newspaper's website. The Wall Street Journal also charges for online access to and many other newspapers are implementing "paywalls" or metered access.

The Los Angeles Times was the number four US daily with a circulation of 641,000, including 454,000 in print. The fifth largest publication was the New York Daily News, followed by the San Jose Mercury News, New York Post, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times and Denver Post.

The New York Times remained the top Sunday newspaper with total average circulation of just over 2.1m, including 850,000 digital readers.

Source: AFP via I-NET Bridge


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Could it be that we are all heartily sick of the media bringing us nothing but bad news all the time? I wonder if a newspaper that tried a different approach might have any success? Or am I just being crazy?
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